Thrilling Desert Safari

Family Picture in Desert Sunset

This surely will be one of our highlights of our trip in Dubai. Joined a local tour for their ‘Desert Safari’, we were thrilled with the experience of dune driving in a 4×4 vehicle (look at the short movie clip below)

Driven by an Emirati, the dune driving was labeled by Elok as “worse than a roller coaster” – simply because we couldn’t see the track, and didn’t know where our car will go, we rested our fate to that cool and professional driver of ours 😄

Stop at Rest Area before heading to the Desert

The tour picked us up in the hotel at 4 pm, and after an hour drive to the desert, we started the dune driving until right before the sunset.  Having the tour at this hours was only right, as the desert temperature in summer afternoon can easily reach 48-50 deg lree celcius. Not a good weather for tourists like us! 😁

It concluded at the tour’s bedouin-camp, where they served us arabic dinner while we’re entertained with fire and belly dance in bedouin-style camp. I will post the full-HD video when I get back at home. And some beautiful pics I took on Instagram too!

Chill in Tour’s Camp after Thrilling Dune Driving
The Jeeps Finishing their Dune Driving


Our Jeep and the Desert Sunset
Yes, we’re happy!! Alhamdulillah!

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