Spent the Day in Dubai Mall

We literally spent the whole day in Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping mall area in the world. Started with our visit to Burj Khalifa, which is in the same complex of Dubai Mall, we bought ticket to the Dubai Aquarium, which is also located in the center of the mall (The aquarium itself was nice, more story on this later). Combining few stops in cafe/restaurants and walk around the mall of 1200 stores, we capped off the day by watching the fountain show outside the mall. Tired legs, happy hearts. – with Elok and Athaya at The Dubai Mall دبي مول

View on Path

Waiting for Sunset at Jumeirah Beach

We’re going to Jumeirah beach for chasing a bit of sunset. A quite popular beach, but we’re in no mood of playing on the beach front, so we took pictures instead.

The above is the only pic we took in this beach that may not be mistaken of Bali, because of those high rise building at the background. On second thought, we should’ve included camel in our shot! Blimey 😅 


Hard to say if it’s in Bali or Dubai . LOL
Family picture