Cheonggyecheon: An Inspiration for Jakarta

I read about this place far long before our trip to Seoul. Learning from internet that the place enjoys successful transformation from a dirty sewerage river to a modern, clean and happening public park (or track) in Seoul. So it’s my pleasure to finally visit the place and took some pictures in the area. It…

Cat Cafe at Myeong Dong

Cuddling these cutie cats has been our family favorite activity during holiday. Make us even miss Shaman, Cleo, Tabby and Mochi back home! 😘 Meanwhile, look at these cute pictures!

Lockets of Love at N Seoul Tower

   Put our own locket of love in N Seoul Tower park, in commemoration of our wedding anniversary, which is only 2 days away. Hopefully someday Aya and Rafif will come here again and still find it is still there 😘         

SM Town: K-Pop Fans  Dreamland

You can’t help but to admire Korea music industry genius mind for this K-Pop revolution. They created this culture and successfully made it as country’s pride and new identity, and make it a big business at the same time. This place is full of SM Town’s (that’s one K-Pop artist management group BTW) artists property),…