Cheonggyecheon: An Inspiration for Jakarta

The beautiful stream of Cheongyecheon

I read about this place far long before our trip to Seoul. Learning from internet that the place enjoys successful transformation from a dirty sewerage river to a modern, clean and happening public park (or track) in Seoul.

So it’s my pleasure to finally visit the place and took some pictures in the area. It is a really cool place to chill out after a hectic day work for Seoul citizens. Jakarta really needs something like this. I believe if we let Ahok works, he’ll turn Ciliwung to be something like this someday. Amen.

We find it very relaxing to stroll by the river

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An Insightful Korea DMZ Tour

Family Picture in Dora Observatory. Look at that Unification spirit written at the back. Somehow, now the hope is a bit distant again

As he only found few things that interested him during this family holiday trip to Korea, Rafif suggested us to book a tour to DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). It turned out to be a very insightful tour, which made us know a lot more about “love and hate relationship” between South Korea and North Korea. The guide shared many interesting tidbits about Korea history, Korean War, and its now halted unification effort. A very well spent half day tour, in my opinion. Here are some pictures from the tour:

At Imjingak Lookout. At the back is the Unification Bridge, DMZ Zone and North Korea border
Rafif in front of the 3rd Tunnel, a tunnel built by North Korean army to infiltrate to south

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Cat Cafe at Myeong Dong

Sipping a cup of coffee was made better with the presence of these cute cats!
Cuddling these cutie cats has been our family favorite activity during holiday. Make us even miss Shaman, Cleo, Tabby and Mochi back home! 😘

Meanwhile, look at these cute pictures!

This fat cat always seek attention from Mommy Elok

A cute persian who never stop eating
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Lockets of Love at N Seoul Tower


Our Locket of Love
Put our own locket of love in N Seoul Tower park, in commemoration of our wedding anniversary, which is only 2 days away. Hopefully someday Aya and Rafif will come here again and still find it is still there 😘 


It’s our symbol of eternal love, hopefully
Kids, remember this spot. Please find the lock someday
The lockets and the Seoul Tower

SM Town: K-Pop Fans Dreamland

Aya in front of SM Town Entrance

You can’t help but to admire Korea music industry genius mind for this K-Pop revolution. They created this culture and successfully made it as country’s pride and new identity, and make it a big business at the same time.

This place is full of SM Town’s (that’s one K-Pop artist management group BTW) artists property), from cafe, studio to souvenir shops. This is really a ‘dream land’ for fans of EXO, Girl Generation like my daughter.

Take a look at EXO shirts
SUM Pop-up Cafe, a K-Pop theme cafe

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Nami Island in Autumn

The obligatory family picture in the famous spot

Although we’re not fans of ‘Winter Sonata’, but the famous scenery of Nami Island tempted us to book a day tour there. And it didn’t disappoint us, judging from numbet of pictures we took! The autumn weather made it more scenic. Check the photos here:

The big fan of Korea shows her big smile
Autumn colors are beautiful!

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Insa-dong and Bukchon, Heaven for Shopping Tourists

In street of Insa-dong

We’re pleasantly surprised to learn that Seoul is not only a mere metropolist. It actually has pockets of areas where the feel of an old and little town are very prevalent. It reminds us a lot like Kyoto in Japan. Especially in these districts, Insa-dong and Bukchon, there are plenty shops offering traditional Korean arts and souvenirs, and also foods which ensure  shopping tourists like us happy!

Strolling at Bukchon
Me and Rafif in Bukchon Village