Saya Indonesia, Saya Pancasila!

Dulu saya pikir Penataran P4 itu cuma indoktrinasi. Pelajaran PMP itu nggak berguna. Lambang burung Garuda itu hanya sekedar pelengkap ruangan. Lima sila itu hanya hafalan.
Tapi ternyata akhir-akhir ini kita disadarkan bahwa kealpaan kita untuk mengingat, memahami dan menjalani kehidupan berbangsa kita berdasarkan Pancasila telah membuat negara kita ini rentan terhadap perpecahan.

Dengan itu, saya menyambut baik diperingatinya Hari Pancasila pada tanggal 1 Juni (libur gitu loh), untuk kembali mengingatkan kita pada nilai-nilai luhur yang sudah diletakkan oleh para founding fathers negara ini.

Jayalah Pancasila. Jayalah Indonesia! 🇮🇩

Preparing for Wayang Reimagined Exhibition

Yesterday preparation for Rafif’s Wayang Reimagined Exhibition at Gedung Pewayangan Kautaman. The whole family worked hard for this, spending most of the long weekend preparing for the event, as it will not only be a great portfolio for Rafif, and also, a fantastic gift for Eyang Kung, who finally witness one of his offspring continue his legacy and love of Wayang. – with Elok at Gedung Pewayangan Kautaman

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Shalat di Masjid Al Furqon Bandara

Fasad depan Masjid Al Furqon, yang kubahnya terinspirasi kubah Kremlin?

Sudah lama penasaran dengan bentuk unik Masjid Al Furqon yang kubahnya mirip bangunan di Kremlin Square. Alhamdulillah sore ini berkesempatan shalat ashar di masjid yang berlokasi di dekat Bandara Soekarno Hatta ini. Ternyata masjid ini bukan hanya indah bagian luarnya, namun interiornya pun terlihat unik. Menyenangkan.

Rafif bersantai dengan HP-nya di selasar

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The New, Green, Face of UGM

Bicycles at Gadjah Mada University Head Office, to take you around the campus without polluting the air

For the past few years, I had few opportunities to visit my campus in Jogja, either coming as Guest Lecture or simply for leisure. But I haven’t really had time to explore and observe in a bit more detailed of Gadjah Mada University (“UGM”), one of the oldest and biggest University in Indonesia. 

This time, as I accompanied my daughter to take a test in my old campus, I took time to walk around the complex, observed the place in more details, took some pictures along the way. I didn’t wander too far, just around Humaniora complex near my campus, Faculty Economics and Business. 

Sosio Humaniora Street, it’s not open road anymore

One biggest difference in UGM complex compared to my time (circa 20-25 years ago) is how restricted the complex from motorcycles and cars. This morning we also had difficulties in finding the entrance to the Economics & Business Faculty, as the old routes which I used to take were all closed for cars to enter. Cars and motorcycles can only be parked in certain parking place. The big one is near the auditorium, Graha Sabha Pramana. Gone is the day where cars, motorcyles and even buses roamed around the campus. 
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Kemayoran Golf Course: Hidden Gem in Centre of Jakarta

Is it Dubai or Singapore? Nope, this is me at Hole 18 Kemayoran GC 🙂

The last time I played in Kemayoran Golf Course was almost 10 years ago. I remember exactly how it felt. Narrow fairways, short holes, patchy greens and fairways. But what stuck with me most was the fact it was surrounded by jungle of abandoned concretes. Finishing the round that time, my mind was hardly refreshed. The sight of Indonesian property crash examples left sore sight to my eyes. That probably explains why I never came back playing on that course again. 

Until last week. 

Kemayoran GC Club House

For the past 1 year, my friend Richard keep on asking me to play in Kemayoran, citing the course is “not bad”, and although it’s quite far to reach from our home, the access is actually quite easy through toll road. I didn’t buy onto his words. Well, apparently he was right all along. 
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Singapore Night Festival

Cool Flying Dinosaur at the Final Act
Saw the event information on our plane magazine, we decided to take a look at Singapore Night Festival, held in the area of National Musem of Singapore. Came there a bit early, we used time to take a look around at the museum, which currently is exhibiting the “History of Singapore”. It was a really nice, engaging, interactive and full of information about how Singapore was built, from the day it was mainly a Chinese traders’ island, to become a famous garden city of the world. The way they presented the information was really creative. Take a look some of my photos below.
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Wisma Gembira

It’s like opening a tim capsule, visiting my old boarding house while I was studying in Jogja. The house doesn’t change a bit!

We called this place “Wisma Gembira” where all happy souls congregated, doing silly stuffs only college students knew 😅