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Four of us in Kazan, Russia. Left to right: Aya, Rafif, me and my wife, Elok.

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my personal blog. I’ve been blogging since 2007, and have posted hundreds of posts, mostly sharing my life which is blessed with many adventures with my lovely families, great colleagues and close friends. It becomes like diary now. I love to look at my own blog and reminisce the great memories we have in the past. I hope someday my kids, Aya and Rafif, will find this blog as a treasure of their life with their parents.

Other than that, I also like to share certain interests of mine, like football, golf, gadgets and photography. Sometimes I also posted about politics and other serious stuffs. Just to vent my frustration and share my thoughts to the world, even though no one is reading, LOL.

So, again, welcome. Have a look around.

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  1. kurniawan says:

    Salam kenal mas iben.

    Blognya aku add di blog aku http://ayojakarta.com. Dilink back ya Mas.

    Btw di SIF angkatan berapa nih?


  2. mashuri says:

    Salamulaikaum Iben,
    Nice to meet you. Apa benaer Elok Satiti Istrimu alumni Komunikasi Undup angk. 92. kalo ya berarti temanku.

    keep smile. tnx u

  3. ibenimages says:

    @ Mashuri: Wa’alaikum salam. Iya betul, Elok alumni Komunikasi Undip 92. Salamnya disampaikan. Mungkin bisa dilanjut silaturahminya lewat Facebook. Elok cukup aktif di sana 🙂

  4. Donny says:

    Assalamu’alakum om iben,

    Anaknya ga ditambah lagi….?


  5. Rahayuelinda says:

    Halo pak! Saya sekarang ingin ke Rusia. Ijinkan saya follow blognya ya 🙂

    1. ibenimages says:

      Silahkaan… terima kasih.. ditunggu ceritanya dari Russia

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