Menuju Piala Dunia 2018: Kutukan Pemain Terbaik

Menjadi pemain terbaik di perhelatan Piala Dunia ternyata malah bisa mendapat kutukan, yakni gagal jadi Juara Dunia.

Begitulah fakta yang terjadi. Sejak Piala Dunia tahun 1982, terhitung hanya 3 orang peraih piala Golden Ball (piala untuk pemain terbaik sepanjang turnamen) yang negaranya juga berhasil menjadi Juara Dunia. Mulai dari Paolo Rossi saat Italia Juara Dunia tahun 1982, Diego Maradona saat membawa Argentina Juara Dunia tahun 1986, dan terakhir Romario, saat mengantarkan Brazil juara di tahun 1994.

Salvatore Schillachi, bintang kejutan Italia di Piala Dunia 1990 yang gagal menjadi New Paolo Rossi

Sisanya justru seakan gelar Pemain Terbaik menjadi “kutukan” untuk gagal di partai puncak (lihat tabel)

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1st Anniversary of Integrated Bank

Today marks 1 year of successful integration of my office, HSBC Indonesia. To celebrate this historic milestone, since yesterday, Board of Directors and Management Committee of the bank walked around the floor of our headquarters and branches, shaking hands with the staff, saying thank you for the hard work and their support throughout the challenging year, pre and post integration. While it was tiring for us to walk in all 11 floors in two headquarter buildings yesterday, but it was enjoyable and rewarding at the same time, to see many “Jagoan HBID” are all in great spirit.

This morning I continued the roadshow in Melawai branch, holding a townhall with staff in the branch. It’s all good, and most of the staff are in smiles and happy. Sukses selalu, Jagoan HBID!

Menuju Piala Dunia 2018: Power Ranking Juara Dunia

Kalau Anda ditanya, “Siapakah negara yang paling jagoan di Piala Dunia?”

Jawaban paling umum pasti adalah Brazil atau Jerman. Karena hanya dua negara inilah yang pernah merebut gelar “Juara Dunia” sampai 4 kali atau lebih. Brazil the penta-champeone (lima kali), terakhir kali juara tahun 2002. Sedangkan Jerman merebut titel ke empatnya di tahun 2014 lalu.

Namun ternyata kalau dilihat konsistensi prestasi dari penyelenggaraan Piala Dunia sejak 1982 (again, I started from this period, because I first followed World Cup from this year. Jadi maaf ya..), dua negara yang paling jagoan adalah Jerman dan Italia.

Jerman, juara empat kali sekaligus juara bertahan di Piala Dunia 2018

Kok bisa?

Begini analisis saya:

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Gemblung Golfers Jogja Golf Trip Day 2: Merapi Golf

On second day of our Jogja Golf trip we played at Merapi Gold Course, Cangkringan. It was a very nice round in beautiful course, under nice weather. Too bad Merapi mountain was only in sight for short period of time. But nevertheless, we had good round (our scores were much better than yesterday), and really had great time. It’s a nice ending to a fun weekend we had for the past three days.

Let’s do it again in near future guys!

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Unplanned Breakfast at Kopi Klotok

On our way to Merapi Golf Course, we made unplanned detour to Kopi Klotok, one of the most popular culinary destinations in Jogja. Normally this place is very crowded, we need to queue for sometime to get our food served. Especially its thin-crust fried egg!

So in our pleasant surprise, the place is already open at 6 am, and we were the first customers there! So we had to wait a bit for the dishes to be ready, as they were still cooking! But it was nothing compared to usual queue. In the end, we had very nice breakfast. Breakfast of a champion! (Sarapannya juaraaakkk!! ☺️☺️)

Dinner with Our Daughters

We envisioned this moment around 2 years ago, planning to play golf Jogja, while visiting our daughters who study in UGM. That time, only Caca had been accepted in UGM. Alhamdulillah, now it’s a reality and the plan is finally realized ☺️😍

Warung Makan Purnama: Heavenly Delicious Mangut!

Coming back from Borobudur Golf Course, Magelang, we stop for lunch at Warung Makan Purnama. The restaurant has special dishes: “Mangut”, which is one of special dishes in Central Java. It’s difficult for me to describe Mangut, but let me say it’s a spicy-yellow-coconut soup poured into variety of smoked-meat, mainly fish or duck.

I picked their specialty, which is catfish. It comes with pecel (Indonesian salad with peanut sauce), and I also ordered side-dish of dried prawns and roasted egg. Gosh, what a combination I picked. It tastes like heaven! The combination of spicy, sweet and salty. Also the soft meat of the catfish is combined with the crunchy form of dried prawns and crackers. I can say it’s one of the best dish I had this year! No kidding.

I’m sure when I visit Jogja again, I’ll visit this place again with my family. Especially Elok, my wife, she’ll love it!!