Gong Xi Fa Cai Golf at Matoa

I played with my old golf buddy Jopie in Matoa Golf Course last Saturday. We dressed in red, to join the celebration of Chinese New Year.

It’s almost 10 years ago since I last played in Matoa. Unfortunately the course condition is worse now. I find many cart path is in bad condition, leaving the golf carts sometimes like an off road buggy. The grass also not as well maintained before. Not sure if this is the impact of rainy season, but I suspect it’s probably more of lack of maintenance budget. Too bad.

To make things worse, we also found two groups playing in 5 and 6 golfers in one flight! It’s totally unacceptable, even last Saturday the course was relatively empty. But I guess this lack of enforcement of course rules would make non-member golfers like me to avoid playing in this course again. Such a shame.

Nevertheless I had quite good round of golf. Considering my current golf form, and I have not played for couple of weeks, I played quite good. I scored a bit above my handicap. And I made this nice video of me scoring my lone birdie of the round.

It was on Hole 3, a Par 5 hole. After a topped drive that was luckily bounced back to fairway, I hit a flush 7-iron to the fairway 92m from the green. I thought, this might be a good for filming my swing sequence.

And boy, it was. I hit a very nice approach. It landed on the center of the green, leaving just about 1.5 meters for birdie. I asked my caddie to continue filming, and captured my successful birdie putt. Haha, not bad for a memory playing this course, which I might not be playing at again for another 10 years. LOL

Friday Prayer at Masjid ALatief

We come early today for Friday Prayer at the beautiful Masjid ALatief. I’m not sure whether that window glass wall was new or not, but the last time I prayed here, I didn’t realize there was. You can see the view of south Jakarta from this side of the mosque. Add even more awesome touch to this already beautiful mosque.

Now and Then: HK 2018 and 2009

It’s fun to see how things have changed so much (e.g. my kids!) and how things stayed the same (e.g. places where we took pictures) by comparing our recent photos in HK to the ones we took in 2009… it’s a blessing to be able to repeat these wonderful moments.

Miss our family holiday already! 😔😔

Look at the difference of my kids: from toddlers to teens… how time flies. Continue reading

Flying A350-900, Yeay!

I was excited to see what will take us back today: a new Airbus 350-900. This bird is capable for long haul flight. Singapore Airlines even introduced their 15-hours non stop flight from Singapore to New York last year using this bird. But this time, a light job for her: an easy and short HK to Singapore flight for us.

Inside the plane, well nothing special though, as we’re flying on the couch. LOL. Even the relatively new KrisFlight entertainment system is cool, but it was the same as we found on the Boeing 777-300 we rode few days ago.

But still, at least one more plane model is checked! ✅

IPhone X First Impression: So Far So Good

I had few reservations to buy iPhone X before, mostly because of its form factor and the loss of Home Button.

The form factor is because when I saw iPhone X for very first time in flesh, it was the white model. Honestly, the side chrome body of this model looks cheap. It lacks the feel of premium shown by Samsung flagship phone S8, or even iPhone 8.

But yesterday when I saw the space gray model, I just realized it doesn’t have this chrome side body. It is gray/black all the way to the glass back and look fantastic. This was one of the reason that made me immediately decide to buy one. I’m really into aesthetics when it comes to stuffs. Yea, I’m that kind of guy. Continue reading

Refuel at Fuel

We’re back to our usual “Mager Tourist” mode. It’s our term for slow travel. We have no real agenda, but enjoy the time passes by sitting and sipping cup of coffee and relax.

After two days of full day agenda, roaming around HK city and Disneyland, we think our legs deserve a break. And as we haven’t had our proper daily dose of coffee, we need for refuel.

This morning we try Fuel Espresso. A dedicated, quite-upscale coffee place at IFC One Mall in HK. It seems to be quite popular place for coffee connoisseurs in HK.

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Sholat Jumat dan Makan Siang di Masjid Ammar Wanchai

Apabila Anda seorang muslim yang sedang berada di Hong Kong pada hari Jumat, beribadah Sholat Jumat sambil makan dimsum halal nan nikmat di Masjid Ammar patut menjadi pilihan.

Masjid Ammar terletak di daerah Wanchai, di tengah pusat kota Hong Kong. Tidak terlalu sulit menemukannya. Anda tinggal naik kereta MTR, dan keluar di stasiun Wanchai. Di stasiun ini, keluar lewat Exit A3 dan Anda akan mendapati Johnston Road tepat di depan Anda.

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