Teeing Off in Excellent Weather

As what often happened in our Management Offsite in the past, we capped off the productive weekend with a round of golf.

This time we teed off in Merapi Golf Course, Cangkringan, Jogja. Although the majestic form of Merapi mountain was not visible due to thick clouds, but the weather was excellent.

Temperature was in low and mid 20s throughout the round, making us still had plenty of energy after 18 holes. We could’ve played another 18, but hungry tummy and lack of time killed that idea ☺️

Golf is A Strange Game

Golf is such a strange game. The last time I played two weeks ago, I started the round feeling awkward. Body balance was shaky. I lost confidence on my swing. Everything was off. Posted bad score.

This morning, only God knows why, I felt very good and on. Hit my first tee off flushed and in fairway. My irons play was also sharp. Only putting was a bit unfortunate. Had 6 birdie chances but putt didn’t want to drop. I only got it on the last hole, and it was a tap-in, thanks to excellent 3-wood second shot, and tip from my caddie, Rusdi. Look at below my two best holes, the difficult Par 5 Hole 1, and the closing Par 5 Hole 18:

In summary, I felt solid all round, could’ve been lower if those putts dropped.

Haha get real man, this is golf we’re talking about. On the day when your putts seem to drop from all angles, your tee-offs might be off!! 😅

Well, it’s a game with lots of variables. A game of minimizing mistakes. A puzzle that we would never be able to completely solve. But that’s why we always come back for more! ☺️ 🏌️ ⛳️

Fighting Jet Lag for Office Golf

Fighting jet lag and sore back, I’m playing on OJK golf tournament this morning in Royale Golf Course. Struggled with 2 double bogeys in first 4 holes. But hey, even Tiger Woods had it as well on British Open second round. If he can come back, I can do it as well….. (not really 😅)

Ngabuburit Golf

Well, not exactly ngabuburit golf. As I teed off 1 pm in the afternoon. Fighting thirst and exhaustion, I played quite well in first 9. Still 5 holes to go, but as energy is getting depleted, double bogeys creep up on scorecard. Oh well, at least I finished my round! 😅

Night Golf Promo at Senayan National

When I first heard that Senayan National Golf would be opening night golf session, I was immediately interested to try. The idea of playing golf after working hours, and not in precious, and often-disputed weekend time is definitely a good one.

Especially they announced of the promo rate for the first month of operation. IDR600k for 18 holes with cart for weekdays sounds like good value.

So here we go, last night, along with my two ex office mates, Richard and Edy, we tried our first night golf in Senayan National.

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Birthday Golf Round

One day, I half-complained to my wife, “why you never support my hobby, like buying me golf clubs, like some of my friends’ wives?”

Guess what, she listened to my plea. She bought me a weekend trip to Bali, which include a round in Bali National Golf. Haha, thanks a lot darling! 😘😘

My wife’s birthday golf invitation

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Gemblung Golfers Jogja Golf Trip Day 2: Merapi Golf

On second day of our Jogja Golf trip we played at Merapi Gold Course, Cangkringan. It was a very nice round in beautiful course, under nice weather. Too bad Merapi mountain was only in sight for short period of time. But nevertheless, we had good round (our scores were much better than yesterday), and really had great time. It’s a nice ending to a fun weekend we had for the past three days.

Let’s do it again in near future guys!

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Gemblung Golfers are Back in Rainbow Hills!

It’s been a while not playing golf with these guys, just because our weekend schedule did not match. But today finally the Gemblung Golfers foursome is back at Rainbow Hills. No matter how good or bad is your score, fun and great laugh are always guaranteed playing with these gemblungers. Can’t wait for our trip to Jogja in two weeks time!

Beautiful mountain set as backdrop of this challenging course

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