Gong Xi Fa Cai Golf at Matoa

I played with my old golf buddy Jopie in Matoa Golf Course last Saturday. We dressed in red, to join the celebration of Chinese New Year.

It’s almost 10 years ago since I last played in Matoa. Unfortunately the course condition is worse now. I find many cart path is in bad condition, leaving the golf carts sometimes like an off road buggy. The grass also not as well maintained before. Not sure if this is the impact of rainy season, but I suspect it’s probably more of lack of maintenance budget. Too bad.

To make things worse, we also found two groups playing in 5 and 6 golfers in one flight! It’s totally unacceptable, even last Saturday the course was relatively empty. But I guess this lack of enforcement of course rules would make non-member golfers like me to avoid playing in this course again. Such a shame.

Nevertheless I had quite good round of golf. Considering my current golf form, and I have not played for couple of weeks, I played quite good. I scored a bit above my handicap. And I made this nice video of me scoring my lone birdie of the round.

It was on Hole 3, a Par 5 hole. After a topped drive that was luckily bounced back to fairway, I hit a flush 7-iron to the fairway 92m from the green. I thought, this might be a good for filming my swing sequence.

And boy, it was. I hit a very nice approach. It landed on the center of the green, leaving just about 1.5 meters for birdie. I asked my caddie to continue filming, and captured my successful birdie putt. Haha, not bad for a memory playing this course, which I might not be playing at again for another 10 years. LOL

Kagama Golf Club Tournament 2018

We participated in Kagama Golf Club Tournament at Royale Jakarta this weekend. The event involved 230 golfers, and was marred with heavy wind and rain. Despite our gallant effort to finish the tournament on tough course and condition (halah), we came home empty handed. No trophies nor prizes for us. Hahaha. Next time better!

My Golf Game Review 2017


It’s only few hours to 2018. Almost unconsciously, year 2017 will pass us by. And as the year passes by, it’s my tradition for the past 5 years, to recap the year by writing my Annual Golf Review.

As in previous year, I set my own target to play at least 40 rounds this year. I hope by playing more golf rounds, I will be more consistent on my golf game (utopian concept in golf, I know), and thus lower my score and handicap.

No such luck. I just played 31 rounds this year. This is 9 rounds short of my target, and even 5 rounds less than last year.  But despite of less golf rounds,  I managed to lower my Handicap from 10.8 last year to 9.2 this year. How come? Let me give you the breakdown of my golf game stats in 2017:

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Anatomy of a Birdie

I saw friends posted about their personal best on 10K run, their epic cycling ride, or their yoga stunts. So, this time, let me share one of highlights from my golf round this morning: Birdie on Hole 7 on Pangkalan Jati golf course.

So what’s so special about it?

Well, as golfer, even for the pros, birdie is always special, as it means you shot better than “Par”, which is the target. But what made this birdie even more special, was because it helped me to post my best score in Pangkalan Jati, and finally break 80 in this course.

The way of doing it was also nice. Started from a good drive down the middle of fairway, I followed up with a flush hybrid shot (tagged as 5I on the GameGolf map). And what a way to close out the hole, by putting the ball into the hole on its very last roll. Cue my scream of excitement. Haha.

Finally break 80 in Pangkalan Jati

A Nice Round at Suwan Golf Course

Great course, great round. Happy 🙂
How can you stand accompanying your wife shopping at Bangkok famous shopping places? 

You can’t. So, go play golf instead! 😉

Knowing that my wife and her friends will spend their day shopping around Bangkok, I booked a golf trip package through golftripz.com. The agency gave me two option for public course in Bangkok. One of them is an older course while located in the middle of Bangkok, but the layout is uninspiring. The other, Suwan Golf Course, which I finally selected, is 60 km away at the outskirt of Bangkok, but will provide “true test and challenge for real golfers“. Sounds good to me ☺.
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BER Golf Finale

Clockwise: Me and other winners hoisting our trophies, the Best Gross Trophy, the BER Golfers, and me at Hole 7

Sometimes, good thing has to come to an end. This is exactly what happened to our beloved BER Golf Club, which has been serving us for 6 uninterrupted years, bolstering the comradeship among golfers in BER through fun golf competition.

Following the integration of our bank in less than 2 months, the BER Golf Club will cease to exist, hopefully to be replaced with new (and bigger) golf club under the new entity.

My golf fellow, Ferdy, hit his tee shot at signature hole Par 3 Hole 7

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