Anatomy of a Birdie

I saw friends posted about their personal best on 10K run, their epic cycling ride, or their yoga stunts. So, this time, let me share one of highlights from my golf round this morning: Birdie on Hole 7 on Pangkalan Jati golf course.

So what’s so special about it?

Well, as golfer, even for the pros, birdie is always special, as it means you shot better than “Par”, which is the target. But what made this birdie even more special, was because it helped me to post my best score in Pangkalan Jati, and finally break 80 in this course.

The way of doing it was also nice. Started from a good drive down the middle of fairway, I followed up with a flush hybrid shot (tagged as 5I on the GameGolf map). And what a way to close out the hole, by putting the ball into the hole on its very last roll. Cue my scream of excitement. Haha.

Finally break 80 in Pangkalan Jati


A Nice Round at Suwan Golf Course

Great course, great round. Happy 🙂
How can you stand accompanying your wife shopping at Bangkok famous shopping places? 

You can’t. So, go play golf instead! 😉

Knowing that my wife and her friends will spend their day shopping around Bangkok, I booked a golf trip package through The agency gave me two option for public course in Bangkok. One of them is an older course while located in the middle of Bangkok, but the layout is uninspiring. The other, Suwan Golf Course, which I finally selected, is 60 km away at the outskirt of Bangkok, but will provide “true test and challenge for real golfers“. Sounds good to me ☺.
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BER Golf Finale

Clockwise: Me and other winners hoisting our trophies, the Best Gross Trophy, the BER Golfers, and me at Hole 7

Sometimes, good thing has to come to an end. This is exactly what happened to our beloved BER Golf Club, which has been serving us for 6 uninterrupted years, bolstering the comradeship among golfers in BER through fun golf competition.

Following the integration of our bank in less than 2 months, the BER Golf Club will cease to exist, hopefully to be replaced with new (and bigger) golf club under the new entity.

My golf fellow, Ferdy, hit his tee shot at signature hole Par 3 Hole 7

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Cap it off with Golf

The boys are back in town!
Our HSBC Senior Leadership Offsite is capped off with a golf round at Bali National Golf. Thankfully it was good weather all morning and we had great time!

Excuse my selfie while big boss is putting
Fired up, ready to go!

My Golf Game Review 2016

Some of my golf pairings in 2016

Time for my Annual Golf Game Review for year 2016! Aimed to play more rounds, in attempt to play better quality golf in 2016, I think I somehow made it (albeit, barely).

Well, as a start, I played more golf rounds than last year. Yes, I couldn’t achieve my target for playing 40 rounds (I had 36), but at least Allah blessed me with excellent health this year (Alhamdulillah), so I enjoyed uninterrupted year of golf in 2016.

Not only that, I can say that last year in 2016 was one of my best year in golf. Here are the reasons:

1. Lower average score 

My golf scores breakdown

My average golf score last year was 85.9;  improved from last year average score of 86.9, and actually was my best average score ever. The graph above shows that even my double bogie or worse was more than in 2015, but I have more Pars and Birdies this year.

So my handicap is theoretically down, although not much. I use 2 scoring apps at the moment: GolfShot and Game Golf. At the end of 2016, my Handicap is 10.8 (GolfShot) and 12.8 (Game Golf). The difference is because I have more historical data on GolfShot than Game Golf. Looking at the apps calculation, I’m currently at 12 Handicap, probably about 1 lower than last year. Good, but not good enough. May I ever be a Single Handicap player? If I can play more often, yes probably! 🙂

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Gemblung Golfers Ryder Cup December 2016

After an intense match, the glory was split into half. Team AA gallantly fought from behind to make it All Square at the very last hole, thanks to brilliant par putt from Agung. It hurts for Team RI, especially that we conceded a 5UP position 😑

But at least, we had the better costume 😅

Great game guys. Next series in the new year!



Won the HSBC-BER Golf Bersama Tournament 2016

Played fantastic golf at the first 9 on my office’s staff golf tournament this morning, although less so at the back 9. But apparently it was enough for me to win the Best Nett I prize ☺️

Held at Rainbow Hill Golf Course, the tournament hosted 44 golfers from both Bank Ekonomi and HSBC Indonesia. It was competitive and fun at the same time. What made it more satisfying for me was that somehow I could cope with the pressure of playing with the big boss (haha). Although lost the wager to the boss, but played relatively solid, especially on greens and tee offs. Lovely day at the lovely golf course, indeed.