Congrats Dhimas and Lambang!

My family and Mas Oyi with the happy couple and parents

We spent our Saturday Night crossing Jakarta border to Bekasi (😉), attending wedding celebration of our cousin, Dhimas and Lambang. It’s great to meet Oom Nono and Tante Ambar (parents of the groom), and the other relatives from my late father, whom we haven’t met for quite sometime. Congrats Dhimas and Lambang!

Elok, me and Tante Pung, one of my aunty from my father’s side
The happy wedding couple with Oom Nono’s family


Museum Macan: A New Art Paradise in Jakarta

Art Turns, World Turns. Please welcome: Museum Macan

It started from Elok’s wish to spend our weekend out from the mall. She read about this newly opened museum on internet, and suggested us to have a look.  And apparently, we had a great time, especially the artist Rafif!

The museum is named “Museum Macan”, stands  from Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara. It is just opened for public yesterday, so perhaps not many people know about this place.
It is located at Menara AKR building, near Kebon Jeruk area, West Jakarta. When I heard the location,  I immediately knew who owns this museum. “This must belong to Pak Haryanto Adikoesoemo”

The entrance hall of Museum Macan

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Bakmi Ayam Alok

A bowl of delicious Bakmi Alok and sweetened ice tea. Nice brunch today.
Tempted by the look of this Mie Ayam over my friend’s Instagram, I googled this chicken noodle stall. Located near Grenvil, West Jakarta, I’m happy to find articles over internet which list this place as “one of the best ‘Halal’ chicken noodle in Jakarta”. Yeay! Off we go!

With help of Waze to find this place (I’m not familiar with West Jakarta region), we arrived around 10.30, and the place was packed. But we still managed to get seats. Probably it would be different case if we arrived a bit earlier, as many people chose to have their breakfast here. Continue reading

The Results Are In! This is the Winning Picture!

“Meet Up at Trocadero”
Well, as some of you have predicted, “Meet Up at Trocadero” got the most votes from my “Couple Pictures in Paris” post last week. Deciding from 5 couple pictures we took in Paris, this picture got the most votes (35%) from 75 voters because of its “unique pose” and the glimpse sight of Eiffel which mostly “represent Paris”.

“In Autumn Forest” got the second most votes (28%), as some of voters said the “expression was the best”, but did not get the win because it “didn’t show enough of Paris” (even my brother said it looked like a shot taken in Cibubur! LOL)

“In Autumn Forest”

Below is the final result of the poll, just in case you’re wondering how the other 3 pictures fared to each other. Thank you very much for participating. Now finally we have a great couple picture to be printed and hung on our bed room! Have a nice weekend!

The Final Poll Result

Couple Pictures in Paris: Help Us to Choose!

The five pictures we picked
As you all might see on my blog, we love to take couple pictures. Whenever we’re travelling, we always try to look for nice spots for taking picture of two of us with the unique scene in those locations. 

Yesterday in Paris was no exception. Of course, being in Paris, the romantic capital city of the world, the inspiration to take couple pictures ran high. We took many of them. Out of numerous photo shoots (mind you, it’s just us with tripod, we don’t hire photographers as celebrities do! 😅), we picked 5 pictures which we like most. 

Now we would like to enlarge, print and frame just one to hang it on our bedroom, replacing the old couple photo we took almost 10 years ago! So please, just for fun, help us to choose. Look at these 5 pictures below (‘Read More’), and click this link to pick your favorite. I’ll share the result in maximum of one week time! 

Merci beaucoup!
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Our Last Stop: Paris

After 10 days on the road together crossing countries in west europe, finally we arrived at our last stop in this tour: Paris, the capital city of France. 

This is the third time I came to Paris, so it’s safe to say I already visited (and take pictures with) Paris’ famous landmarks: Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triomphe, Musee de Louvre or Champs de Elysses. But as we’re visiting Paris with tour group, it does give different experience and we managed to see some other parts of Paris which we overlooked before. Here are some of the pictures and stories we took today:

The whole group in front of Arch de Triomphe
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Enjoy Coffee Parisiens Style

Our tour guide mentions that Parisiens love to dine outside at cafe or restaurant. So while we’re waiting for our tour group to arrive at Louvre Museum, we spent time enjoying coffee Parisien style – sitting on outside chairs of the café, just like locals do. Never mind the cold breeze, they have heater on top of our table 😊😬

Cafe Palais Royal, the place we had our cafe au lait

Short Stop at Brussels

As in our previous visit to Europe, the tour also stopped at Brussels on the way to Paris. Brussels is famously known for Manequin Piss statue (however ubiquitous it is 🙄), its hand made chocolate, delicious waffle and of course (for me personally at least) Tintin!

We stopped for about 2.5 hours and had great time buying chocolates, eating waffle and spending a bit of time in Grote Markt. Continue reading