Ella’s Wedding Party

So happy to witnessing Ella, my long time friend and colleague, finally tie her knot with her man, Eri, today. May Allah bless you with happiness and barokah for your new chapter of life. Aamiin.

RIP Rey…

My cute little cat is gone today. My car accidentally ran over her. I’m beyond heartbroken. Devastated and sad. Regret it so much, and wish if only we could turn back the time.

But then I realized it’s Allah’s wish. She was meant to be with us for just two months. Nothing else we can do. Innalilahi wa inna ilaihi roji’un.

I love you dear Rey. It’s just last night you slept beside me watching football. It’s just this morning you happily ran all over the house with your joy and energy. And now our house will not be the same without you. We’re gonna miss you a lot. Play with Shaman in heaven, will you?

We love you. You’ll always be remembered 😢😢😢

Prasetiya Mulya Business Economic Strategy Challenge

Right away after landed in Jakarta, we went straight to Prasetiya Mulya Campus at BSD, to attend gala dinner of Business Economic Strategic challenge, which Aya and her team made it as finalist representing her school.

It was a 2-days and 1 night event where these high school students were in camp to study a business case and present it to the judges.

While her team did not win the competition, but surely this was great experience for Aya and her friends. Hopefully will help her to cast herself into successful entrepreneur or business women in the future. Aamiin! 

Kemayoran Golf Course: Hidden Gem in Centre of Jakarta

Is it Dubai or Singapore? Nope, this is me at Hole 18 Kemayoran GC🙂

The last time I played in Kemayoran Golf Course was almost 10 years ago. I remember exactly how it felt. Narrow fairways, short holes, patchy greens and fairways. But what stuck with me most was the fact it was surrounded by jungle of abandoned concretes. Finishing the round that time, my mind was hardly refreshed. The sight of Indonesian property crash examples left sore sight to my eyes. That probably explains why I never came back playing on that course again. 

Until last week. 

Kemayoran GC Club House

For the past 1 year, my friend Richard keep on asking me to play in Kemayoran, citing the course is “not bad”, and although it’s quite far to reach from our home, the access is actually quite easy through toll road. I didn’t buy onto his words. Well, apparently he was right all along. 
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Singapore Night Festival

Cool Flying Dinosaur at the Final Act
Saw the event information on our plane magazine, we decided to take a look at Singapore Night Festival, held in the area of National Musem of Singapore. Came there a bit early, we used time to take a look around at the museum, which currently is exhibiting the “History of Singapore”. It was a really nice, engaging, interactive and full of information about how Singapore was built, from the day it was mainly a Chinese traders’ island, to become a famous garden city of the world. The way they presented the information was really creative. Take a look some of my photos below.
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iPad Pro Companion

My iPad pro finally got its companion! Just bought the companion keyboard plus case from Apple. I found it very neat and good quality. May write review about it soon. Happy!

Terminal 3 Ultimate Chaos!

Siang ini mengalami kebingungan saat menjemput istri di Terminal 3 Airport Soekarno Hatta yang baru (Ultimate).

Sampe bingung kalau jemput penumpang itu dimana. Karena area kedatangan masih jauh dari siap. Penumpang diarahkan untuk dijemput di daerah “Plasa T3”, which is di luar jalan sih sebetulnya.

Sementara penjemput diminta menunggu di parkir Domestik Terminal 3 yang untuk masuk dan cari parkirnya antri banget. Bahkan untuk mencari gedung parkirnya pun penuh perjuangan karena rambu2 yang tidak jelas, dan masih banyak jalur yang ditutup karena belum siap. Dan bukan saya saja yang kecele menemui jalan buntu. Bis-bis besar pun ikut memutar karena kesasar 😅

Akhirnya saya parkir aja di pinggir jalan, setelah diusir-usir terus oleh satpam dan petugas keamanan di area kedatangan, yang terlihat lelah dan frustasi menjawab pertanyaan penjemput yang mulai emosi dan kebingungan.

Oalah Pak BKS, sampeyan itu janji apa sama Pak Jokowi kok bilang Terminal 3 Ultimate ini sebetulnya “sudah siap, tapi nggak dapet ijin dari Pak Jonan”? Saya nggak bisa bayangin kalau bener waktu itu Pak Jonan mengikuti tekanan Pak Presiden yang berdasarkan info “ABS” (Asal Bapak Senang) dari Bapak, untuk mengoperasikan terminal ini pada saat puncak Mudik Lebaran? Wah Pak. Sekarang saja pada masa traffic normal begini, saya dan penjemput lain masih bingung dan tersesat, bagaimana kalau waktu lebaran sudah operasional ya? Ultimate chaos!! 😡

Cikal Mural Competition

During his school’s “Pesta Rakyat” yesterday, Rafif led his group’s in mural competition. They drew this Soekarno and Merah Putih flag at the background. 

At breakfast this morning, Rafif said he got the idea from North Korea propaganda (🙄). He said, its design elements always have the Leader pictured at large and at front, big flag as background, and the citizens, military and landscape of their nation progress put as small decorations at the bottom. Hence, the mural.

Kinda awkward to know he is really fascinated with the leftist leaders (bahaya laten! 😅). But anyway, great job son! 😄👍