Coffee and Photo at Bali Pulina

A perfect Luwak Coffee and fried banana. Heavenly

While we’re at Ubud, we stopped by at Bali Pulina, a famous place for coffee lovers and instagram posters ☺️

Rainy day is so suitable for hot Luwak Coffee and Pisang Goreng, but not so much for photo taking. But since we’re already here, rain did not deter us to take pictures in this instagrammable spot 😬

Wefie at instagrammable spot
Group picture at the famous spot

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Had Fun Rafting in Ayung River!

Selfie when took a rest half of the journey

Had fun rafting with the team! The last time I had rafting in Ayung, Ubud was about 8 years ago. I can say the experience just got better. Using similar vendor, Sobek, the infrastructure in term of their rest area, wash room and restaurant were much more improved. And the best part is the Ayung river. It is now much cleaner, neat and almost free of litter. The scenery is just serene, a perfect weekend gateway for busy souls like us🙂

The whole HR BER Team, shortly before the rafting adventure

The serene view of Ayung River

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Last Group Fly to Bali!

Took the evening flight leaving to Bali for our HR Outing 2016, possibly the last outing for BER HR, given next year we’re already integrated with HSBC IMO.

We’re the last group flying to Bali since we had to take care the last day of one of our team’s major deliverables in the integration project. 

After all the hard work is done, time to have fun! 

Moving to Temporary House

Today we started moving to our neighbor’s house, as our house will be renovated for 5 months. Well, although we managed to move only couple of boxes, at least my drum set already set in at the temporary house!

Won the HSBC-BER Golf Bersama Tournament 2016

Played fantastic golf at the first 9 on my office’s staff golf tournament this morning, although less so at the back 9. But apparently it was enough for me to win the Best Nett I prize ☺️

Held at Rainbow Hill Golf Course, the tournament hosted 44 golfers from both Bank Ekonomi and HSBC Indonesia. It was competitive and fun at the same time. What made it more satisfying for me was that somehow I could cope with the pressure of playing with the big boss (haha). Although lost the wager to the boss, but played relatively solid, especially on greens and tee offs. Lovely day at the lovely golf course, indeed.