First Futsal FE UGM 2018

Albeit assembling barely enough folks to play 5-a-side futsal, we have our first FE UGM futsal game. It’s a fun, competitive but safe for our age (i.e: no hard physical contact, very frequent breaks and rests).

The only question remaining is: will there be another futsal game this year? ☺️

Another Happy Ending Nobar for Manchester United Fans

Here we are, with big smiles, celebrating Manchester United win over Liverpool at Old Trafford. The two-goals salvo from the impressive Carrington prodigy Marcus Rashford proved enough to shell 3 points for the Red Devils, albeit Liverpool’s flurry of attack (and corners) on second half.

In the end, our “nonton bareng” ended in happy ending for Manchester United fans. It wasn’t go too well for Sulis, a Livepool fans who have arranged this fun nobar at Kemang Village. Sorry Lis! And Thank you! 😬👍

Siblings Day!

It’s been quite sometime we haven’t got together. Even though without Chita and Bona who are currently on holiday in Perth, we have fun eat lunch and chat in same table, and of course, have a kick or two over PES 2018 ☺️

Reminiscing Our Easy Ride

This week ride is a short one. Rafif asked to revisit his favorite bike route when he was still a kid: home to McDonalds Pondok Indah for unhealthy breakfast. So here we go.

However finding the route was too short for both of us, we detoured a bit, and went cycling to Bukit Golf area, one of Jakarta’s most prestigious complex, which has very green area and quiet road, ideal for cycling and jogging.

And as what we had in the past, we completed the ride with breakfast meal in McDonalds. Had pretty good chat too with Rafif, which is what this weekend cycling is all about: father-son bonding time.

Review Film ‘Yo Wis Ben‘: Sangar, Sangar!

Sangar itu artinya bukan serem, tapi dalam bahasa Jawa Timuran artinya apik, bagus.

Asli, ini film memang bagus. Di kala teman-teman yang lain terharu biru dengan Dilan yang puitis, Elok justru mengajak nonton film Yo Wis Ben ini. Istriku dengar dari temannya katanya lucu. Dan mungkin juga ketertarikannya karena darahnya yang asli Malang, Jawa Timur, tempat lokasi film ini dibuat.

Ya, memang sebagaimana video Bayu Skak di kanal YouTube, film ini juga menggunakan bahasa Jawa. Tepatnya bahasa Jawa Timuran yang medhok. Walau berisiko mengurangi potensi penonton, tapi justru di sini kekuatannya. Sutradara Fajar Nugros dan Bayu Skak berhasil membangun dialog, candaan dan pisuhan (celaan) yang pasti dekat di hati kita yang suku Jawa atau paling tidak tinggal di Jawa.

Ceritanya tidak istimewa, namun dengan penceritaan kisah yang semi flashback, menjadikan film ini dari awal menarik rasa ingin tahu. Kisah yang dilandasi oleh fenomena social media juga membuat film ini memotret realita di mana “clicks” dan “views” menjadi mata uang dunia maya. Tak lupa disisipkan pesan moral bahwa kegelimangan popularitas di dunia maya berbeda dengan realita dunia nyata. Juga mengusung semangat pluralisme di tengah-tengah sentimen keagamaan yang sempit.

Sebagai seorang YouTuber yang cukup populer di Indonesia, dengan hampir tembusnya 500,000 penonton (pada saat tulisan ini ditulis), Bayu Skak sukses membawa dunianya ke realita nyata. Karakter yang ditampilkan kuat (my favorite is pemukul beduk masjid/ drummer), dialog komedi tanpa slapstick yang mengundang tawa, dan soundtrack lagu yang while not my cup of tea, is worthy of a listen.

Akhirnya saya berkesimpulan sebuah film yang berhasil dan menghibur. Sangar, sangar.

Front 9 Golf Under Pressure

It was at the 1st hole on Pangkalan Jati golf course. It’s early in the morning and I still had not shaken off the rustiness from my muscle. And playing alone did not help. I had less incentive to focus and became sloppy. Double bogey at the first hole. Ouch.

Hence, I decided to add a bit juice to my game. To add some pressure, I decided to record my golf round, shot by shot. By doing this, I feel each golf shot matters, just like in tournament. And usually, I tend to play better under pressure.So, how did I go? Take a lot at this 3 mins video. Enjoy!

Cikal Visual Art Class Exhibition

As part of his Visual Art class study, Rafif with his Cikal Amri class mates participate in the art exhibition at Hadiprana Gallery, Kemang. Although the main exhibitors are students from Y12, but as Visual Art students in Y11, each students is required to display their work of arts as well.

Carrying theme of “Humane” this year, the work of art from Y12 students really impressed me. Not only they arrange their exhibition display beautifully, but the concepts behind the arts are deep and meaningful. They are also clearly adept in using various art media, whether it is 2D/3D and digital or analog. Awesome.

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HR Focus 2018 – Think. Act. Collaborate

It’s been quite some time I haven’t facilitated full corporate workshop. To think about it, it was my bread and butter during my consulting career. The last time I did was in my previous employer, which was probably 10 years ago. So it’s quite refreshing (yet tiring) for me to prepare and facilitate the workshop for our department today.

Labelled as HR Focus 2018 workshop, the meeting was held in Satoo Garden, Shangrila Hotel. It is an annual meeting for discussing and agreeing on our year’s objectives.. which is plenty this year.

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