The Lost Art of Having Fun

It’s nice to see the kids are enjoying themselves playing Uno cards. Away from mobile phones, away from internet. Just a pure interactions between themselves. The lost art of having fun, really.

Yeay! Away from gadgets!

Aya, Rangga, Rafif and Rania having fun

Don’t You Love Ramadhan is Here?

I do. 

Mosque suddenly lights up, full of prayers coming for sholat Isya and Tarawih. The parking place turns to market place selling your Ramadhan’s needs, from food to clothes. Coming to mosque become family’s event. 

So here I am, taking advantage of my day’s leave, I and Rafif go to Masjid Raya Pondok Indah to join hundreds of other prayers to welcome the holy month of Ramadhan. 

May all of us have a blessed Ramadhan. Insya Allah aamiin. 

Trying Out the New Roof Top


Apparently our new roof top at our house offer beautiful view of neighborhood. We can also see the MRT lane close to our complex from afar. Would be good to use it as BBQ place, although it’s a bit small, and most likely we’ll use it for dry area.

Europa League Champions!!

Finally a difficult season for Manchester United has ended in glory. The Red Devils beat Ajax Amsterdam 2-0 in Europa League Final at Stockholm. With this win:

  • Manchester United complete their final European jigzaw puzzle by winning the only trophy they haven’t won: Europa League
  • Mourinho wins 3 silverwares for his first season in United: Community Shield, League Cup, and European League 🏆🏆🏆 (what a serial winner!)
  • Manchester United will be playing straight to Group Stage on Champions League next season. England will have 5 teams, with Chelsea, Spurs, City and United play straight to Group Stage, while Liverpool, who finished 4th in the league,  is the only team playing in qualifying round (Maap ye, kite salip di tikungan 😬😝)


Watching the glorious final
United trophies collection

Silaturahim before Ramadhan

The big familyElok’s big family (Ghozali family) meet up today at Bambu Apus to have silaturahim before Ramadhan, which Insya Allah will fall next Saturday. It’s always good to start the holy month through this way. May we all have a blessed Ramadhan. Aamin.

Dek Dian addressing the audience:
Bapak Solichin gave his wisdoms:

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Almost There….

It’s almost 6 months since we started the renovation project of our house. Now the project is nearly finished. 

In few weeks time we should move back to our house, albeit there are still finishing activities here and there, not to mention the interior design works. Hopefully we’ll have our “new home” when Lebaran comes. That would be awesome.

The new guest toilet: 

Inside the dining room:

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Flashback to 2 years ago..

2 years ago at this very day, we announced the start of strategic project to integrate the bank.

After 2 years of tiring, challenging yet exciting journey, we arrived at destination, only to pause, celebrate for a moment, and set sail for a bigger journey.

For me, I have fulfilled my mission. Let Allah be my guidence to where my future goes.

The Launch of PT Bank HSBC Indonesia

The scenes at event: with distinguished guests, the launch, and Raisa
So here we are, publicly launching our integrated entity, PT Bank HSBC Indonesia, after a 2 years long journey to get here. After getting through sleepless nights, exhausting tasks, and yes, period of dramas, finally we can celebrate our achievement of marking history, not only for HSBC group, but for Indonesian banking industry.
The event was held at Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place. Featuring Raisa as entertainer, it was attended by hundreds of staff, clients, vendors, partners and government officials. It was a night of great celebration. Alhamdulillah.