Vespa is the Way to Go!

Our initial plan was walking around Seminyak area. After less than 100m walk under tropic sun, we were fast come to conclusion: why bother?

So we rent Vespa from our resort and ready to roam around! Hahah! (Padahal Vespa di rumah aja jarang dipake) 😅 

Delicious Bawal Soup and an Old Friend

Enjoying a very delicious “Sop Steam Bawal” at the famous Bintang Restaurant Medan, while catching up with an old friend after soooo many years. Nice to see you Nic Candilo! Life has given us lemons, but in the end, despite our religion differences, we agreed that God has blessed us with so much more! ☺️🙏 

Hasil Survey Pilgub DKI 2017: Ahok Menang Satu Putaran!

Hasil Survey Singkat PilGub DKI 2016
Paling tidak begitulah hasil survey singkat yang saya lakukan dua minggu lalu. Dari total 258 responden yang berpartisipasi dalam survey, hasilnya 163 responden (63.18%) mengaku menjagokan pasangan Ahok-Djarot sebagai calon gubernur pilihannya. Keunggulan mutlak yang sudah cukup untuk mengantarkan Ahok memenangi PilGub DKI 2017 dalam satu putaran.

Tapi tenang saja. Pendukung Anies-Sandi dan Agus-Sylvana ndak usah keburu emosi. Wong ini cuman survey kecil-kecilan. Partisipannya pun tidak semuanya ber-KTP DKI (numpang kerja sih iya). Jadi yo wis, woles aja, yuk disimak hasil survey selengkapnya…

Profil Responden

Dari 258 responsen yang mengikuti survey ini, berikut ini profilnya:

  • 66.09% adalah pemegang KTP DKI, 33.91% sisanya bukan, walaupun 15.88% nya bekerja di DKI dan/atau tinggal di Jabotabek. Jadi pantes aja ya isu PilGub DKI 2017 ini rame dibicarakan di social media (khususnya Facebook), karena yang dari luar Jabotabek pun tertarik untuk berpartisipasi🙂
  • 71% laki-laki dan 29% perempuan.
  • Sebagian besar (56%) beragama Islam, 25% beragama Kristen, dan 17% beragama Katholik. Sisanya Budha (1.3%), Hindu (0.43%) dan ‘Atheis’ 1.3% (yes, really)
  • Sebagian besar, 70.39% berprofesi sebagai Karyawan Swasta, hanya 3.43% yang berprofesi sebagai Pegawai Negeri dan 10.73% nya sebagai Pengusaha.
  • 68.67% berusia di antara 30-44 tahun, 21.46% berusia 45-60 tahun, dan 8.58% berusia 18-30 tahun. Dan terima kasih kepada partisipan senior yang berusia di atas 60 tahun (1.29%) yang ikut meramaikan survey ini.

Yah memang nggak jauh-jauh dari profil lingkaran terdekat saya di social media. Jadi ya, pasti ada bias, karena profil responden hanya mewakili sebagian kecil profil warga DKI Jakarta (walaupun survey saya saat Pilpres 2014 ternyata hasilnya dapat tepat memprediksi hasil Pilpres 2014). Tapi tetap saja, please take the survey result with the pinch of salt🙂

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Dinner with Our Cousin

Had dinner with Mbak Tetty, our cousin from US, whom we had met for ages. It’s so good to meet her, and rewind all the memories we had when we were kids. Hope we can visit you there anytime soon, Mbak Tet! (Not sure we can if Trump is elected! Haha 😅) 

Aya’s Seventeenth Birthday Party

Our family gathered at Paregu Restaurant Pondok Indah to celebrate Aya’s birthday. My baby is 17 now, I can’t believe sometimes that she has transformed into a beautiful young girl. May Allah protect and bless her this day onwards. Aamiin. 

Four of us with the birthday girl
The big family after the event

PES 2017: The New Season is Here!

Bought the latest installment of PES/Winning Eleven today. First impression: can’t think how PES can leapfrog FIFA in sales department. There are even less clubs with proper license for authentic name, jersey and stadium.
Manchester United is back to Manchester Red, with default shirt nowhere near its real world counterpart. This was not the case for the last 3 years.

Worse, Real Madrid is called as whatever “Whites”. I suspect this is because of exclusive deal with Barcelona. And many other famous teams which was featured with proper licenses in last year edition received the same fate. Sigh.

On the graphic and gameplay, honestly I don’t see significant improvements. Maybe I haven’t played too long. But for time being, despite internet review score favors PES 2017 to FIFA 17, I found the latter with its interesting “Journey” story mode and newly used Frostbite game engine will take more game time for me.

Let’s see!

View on Path

Jangkrik Boss!

Had HR Movie Night with my HR BER team at Lotte Avenue. As long time fan of Warkop DKI, I find the movie is very entertaining! And with such inspired casts (especially Vino Bastian as Kasino), and excellent mix between classic scenes and today’s jokes. Well done. Can’t wait for the sequel!