Short Ride in Ancol Beach

As this morning we plan to have family gathering at Ancol Beach, I brought my Superman Brompton for a ride along the beach park. It’s too bad the time is limited, hence I can only do short ride near the Ancol wooden pier. I think I spent more time taking pictures than riding my Brompton. LOL. Here are some of them.

Pantjoran Tea House: A Nice Piece of Heritage

When we had our first ride to Kota Tua, I spotted this place. Located across Glodok electronic centre, it sits in triangle intersection of Jalan Pancoran and Jalan Pintu Besar Selatan. It looks unique, with architecture and layout lent from Batavia old town chinese house.

We stopped by this place for breakfast during our CFD ride. The tea house doesn’t have parking spot for cars, but for bicycle riders they reserves three lanes of bicycle parking slots, which is very convenient for CFD riders like us.

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Easter Day CFD Ride: No Fooling Around

It’s 1st of April, but there’s no fooling around on our car free day (CFD) ride on Easter Day. We rode over than 33 km from our house to Petak Sembilan and Monas, before cycled back through Antasari.

Taking opportunity of a less-crowded CFD (it’s still a lot of people, mind you), we managed to arrive at Hotel Indonesia runabout and then, Petak Sembilan quite quickly.

Rafif ride his Dahon through less crowded CFD

Us in Hotel Indonesia rinabout with Asian Games counter – only 139 days to the biggest sporting event in Asia!

However when we arrived there, we were not really sure where to go. Yes, there was this “klenteng” (praying place), however as we were afraid to disturb the procession, we decided to explore some of the place’s narrow alleys instead.

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Reminiscing Our Easy Ride

This week ride is a short one. Rafif asked to revisit his favorite bike route when he was still a kid: home to McDonalds Pondok Indah for unhealthy breakfast. So here we go.

However finding the route was too short for both of us, we detoured a bit, and went cycling to Bukit Golf area, one of Jakarta’s most prestigious complex, which has very green area and quiet road, ideal for cycling and jogging.

And as what we had in the past, we completed the ride with breakfast meal in McDonalds. Had pretty good chat too with Rafif, which is what this weekend cycling is all about: father-son bonding time.

Car Free Day in Semanggi and GBK

Back to our Sunday’s cycling schedule, back to Car Free Day (CFD) area! But today we rode to the places we haven’t visited last time: the new Semanggi Flyover and the recently renovated Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) stadium.

Leaving home around 5.45, we arrived at CFD around 6.15. The southern part of Sudirman street was not too crowded, so we had quite good ride with hundred of runners.

Of course we stopped for a usual photography of our bikes ☺️

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Refreshing Cycling in Ragunan Zoo

Committed with our biweekly cycling schedule, today we took much less distance than 2 weeks ago. The total distance covered is “only” 20 km: from home to Ragunan Zoo, cycling inside the zoo, and return home. Although the distance was only half from our epic trip to Kota Tua, but actually the route was quite demanding, due to elevation.

We arrived at Ragunan Zoo around 6, and the zoo was just opened. For runners and bikers, coming early is the recipes for satisfying sessions. As there are not many visitors around, which help you to enjoy your activity in green, serene environment.

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Epic Sunday Car Free Day Ride to Jakarta Old Town

Okay, for some of you, the veteran bike athletes, 40kms is nothing. But for us, the reluctant folding-bike cyclists, this was an epic ride!

Committed to use my Brompton more often, I asked Rafif to join me for Car Free Day (CFD) cycling session. Initially I planned for riding at elevated road of Antasari, but alas, the road was only opened for CFD last week, hence we had to detour.

Of course, the Sudirman-Thamrin is the most likely destination.

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