Live on Board Labuan Bajo: Pengalaman Hidup di Kapal Selama 4 Hari

Saya, Elok dan Aya di upper deck, saat berlabuh di Taka Makassar
Ternyata banyak yang tertarik dengan pengalaman saya dan keluarga berlibur ke Labuan Bajo-Komodo barusan. Unggahan saya di media sosial banyak mendapat sambutan, terutama banyak yang menanyakan soal kapal tempat kita berlayar mengarungi kepulauan Komodo dan Flores. Hidup di kapal gitu? Gimana kamarnya? Ber-AC? Kamar mandinya gimana? Makan disediain?

Nah, moga-moga tulisan ini bisa menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan tersebut di atas. Sorry my blog readers, I don’t write this in english, as all of the questions are coming from my Indonesian friends. So please google translate if you wish 🙂 Continue reading

Final Island Hop: Sabolo

Family picture in the savannah
Sabolo marked the final island we visiting during our 4 days in the ocean. It is a very small island which is unoccupied, but has very nice savannah and small hill which makes a beautiful scenery. And as commonlyfound in the islands around here, the sea water are very clear and pristine.

..and also on the beach…
Had been in ocean for 4 days, we’re a bit tired of snorkling and swimming, so we opted to walk around savannah and took pictures. And of course, fly Pelican to do some reconnaissance work of the island. Here are some of the days’ works 😊  Continue reading

Stay in Kanawa Island

Sunrise in Kanawa
Kanawa is a small island west coast of Labuan Bajo, which has large shallow beach surrounding the island, ideal for snorkling.
We stayed on the resort for snorkling and “mager” (Indonesian word for ‘doing nothing’) in the beach for whole afternoon, before heading back to our boat for overnight off the coast. Oh, and of course taking some pictures of my favorite model on its long wooden pier 🙂 Continue reading

Chasing Sunrise at Gili Lawa

We spent a night at Gili Lawa, a small island near Komodo Island, which is famous for its beautiful hill and scenery at sunset and sunrise. 

While I did take pictures of its sunset from our drone Pelican, the view and experience of catching sunrise there was quite something, apparently. 

The Giri Lawa bay which we docked our boat
Sunset in Giri Lawa from the Drone

After Subuh prayer, I and Rafif hopped to the island. Guided by Jandi and Fei, our local guides, we climbed to the Gili Lawa hills. Continue reading

Pink Beach and Short Stop at Kampung Komodo

“Kekinian Pose” at Pink Beach
We stopped at Pink Beach for snorkling and playing on the beach. Well, the beach is no longer pink, because our guide said too many people took the pink sands out of the beach. Is it true? Don’t know. 

Then we stopped by at Kampung Komodo, a nearby village, to buy some snacks for our life on boat. Many backpackers and foreign tourists stay in this village to experience living with the friendly locals.

It’s hot sun in midday, but winter Australian wind cool it off a bit
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Life of a Komodo

Read the story below to get full context of this picture
Such a life of poor young Komodo. Had been ushered by Ranger to come out from their hiding place, she found herself become an object of paparazzi tourists who came within minutes. LOL. Full story below…

So this is actually our second encounter with the endangered animal here. After hopping in Padar, our guide took us to Komodo Island, which is supposedly the origin habitat of all Komodos. But had managed to see the giant Komodo back in Rinca, we didn’t go to Komodo Island in full anticipation.

Rafif and Elok sitting at the Komodo camp. The story of mythical Komodo princess who gave birth to a human and Komodo is quite interesting. Tell the story why human and Komodos live side by side in this island.
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Stunningly Beautiful Padar

Picture by Pelican at the top of the hill
Yes, you may have seen the pictures from your friends’ posts or in magazine. But let me tell you this: Padar Island’s view is not overrated. It is stunningly beautiful, especially if you managed to climb to the top of the hill.

The first steps to Padar Island hill. After this steps, it’s all rocky trail up there

Or at least if you can reach the big tree stop (your guide will show you where), the lowest point where you can see the two adjacent gulfs that set Padar Island’s trademark view. Continue reading