Safely Landed in CGK, After 13 hours of Direct Flight from AMS

Alhamdulillah safely landed at CGK, after 13 hours of direct flight from AMS.

Suprisingly, it wasn’t bad, as I managed to watch 2 movies and slept for 7 hours in between 😅

For aviation geek only: this is the same type of airplane we took when we flew to AMS two weeks ago. The Boeing 777-300ER (stands for Extended Range) is capable to fly up to 15,000 km range. Theoretically it is able to fly direct from CGK to London Heathrow (LHR) which is 14,500 km away.

So why Garuda doesn’t offer this route? Or in our case, why we had to transit in Changi Singapore 2 weeks ago?

The answer of this question is not only because of commercial reason (e.g. to take more passengers from Singapore), but mostly due to technical reason: our CGK airport doesn’t have long enough runway for a full-tank Boeing 777-300ER to fly. Hence we will never have direct flight from CGK to AMS, let alone LHR!

Will we have it someday? I doubt it as it may not be the priority. Priority should be given to add more runways so less queue for airborne flights! 😅 

Our Second Visit in Amsterdam

In front of Van Gogh Museum, which we failed to enter 🙂

It’s our second visit to Amsterdam, a city which we have been quite familiar with. We actually planned to visit Van Gogh Museum in the morning, the place which we have not visited on our first trip. Alas, the holiday season made it difficult to get the ticket. We saw long queue to enter the museum, so we decided to take pictures in front of the museum instead. Maybe next time, Meneer Van Gogh 🙂

We found this big field in front of Van Gogh Museum to be really Dutch-like, so we decided to take the family picture here as well 🙂

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Comic Museum at Brussels

On our way to Amsterdam, we planned for short stop in Brussels, Belgium. Initially planned to visit Herge Museum, we found out that the museum was closed every Monday! So we diverted our destination to Comic Museum in Brussels. 

It turned out to be a good decision, as the museum is really nice! It has lots of interesting information on comic history, genres and the process how a comic was made. Rafif, particularly, was really fascinated with the museum. Never before I saw him gave attention to every exhibits in museum. Well, comics and art of drawing are one of his interest and talents. 

For me, a big Tintin fans, the museum has a dedicated Herge and Tintin section, which is really nice. It provides information on Tintin’s history, display some real-life stuffs from Tintin stories, and great exhibits. It almost compensated me for not being able to visit Herge Museum. 

In the end, a very well spent stop indeed in Brussels, Belgium. Happy!

Rafif in front of one of my favourite Tintin exhibit, displaying which characters appear in which Tintin story
Herge Special Section

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Almost on The Very End of Our Euro Trip

Inside Thalys Train
We’re back on Thalys! This time heading up to Brussels for a short stop before returning to Amsterdam. Our 2 week life on the road (mostly through railways) is about to be end. We miss the cats anyway! Haha.

Leaving our hotel at Tour Eiffel Grenelle area


New Year’s Day in Paris

So our conclusion is: Paris is much better in winter than in summer, photography wise ☺

On our last trip to Paris 3 years ago, it was hard to get a good picture of the majestic Eiffel. The place was too crowded and dirty. The weather was hot and brought no mood.

So at least this winter, the foggy sky and leaf-less trees made a nice background

Merci beaucoup Paris! Au revoir! à la prochaine!

Bombardier to Paris

We took different mode of transport now from Zurich to Paris. Have travelled mostly with train, and also with van, this time we took airplane for short 1.5 hours flight. Before we boarded to the plane, I was actually wondering one type of airplane parked in on of the gate. And as airplane geek myself, how happy I was to find out that it was actually Bombardier C Series – one type of airplane I had not flown with. It was smaller than 737, but it is probably more modern. 

On the flight itself, it was very smooth flight, as we had no clouds in our cruising altitude. But when we landed in Paris, then we only knew, it was snow rain in Charles de Gaulle Airport, one that forced our flight to be delayed for 30 minutes!

Absolutely Magnificent Titlis!

When I booked the tour, I was a bit hesitant to pick Titlis over other tour destinations in Zurich, as it is a “too mainstream” of tourist destination.

It still is.  But apparently there is a strong reason why millions of tourists coming to this place every year: the view from the top is absolutely stunning. Magnificent. You kind of feel climbing the Alps Mountain but with much much less effort. In fact it was probably no effort at all, as you took cable car ride which offer you spectacular view from Engelberg to the top. 

Our family picture at the top of Mount Titlis
The world’s only rotating cable car which take us to the top

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Luzern on our way to Titlis

In front of the Luzern landmark, the old chappel
Joining one-day tour to top of Mount Titlis, we had opportunity to stop by the beautiful city of Luzern (or Lucerne as we commonly said). A small beautiful city by the lake. Too bad not much time to roam around as we need to leave for Titlis. I and Elok immediately thinking of visiting this city again in spring or summer. Insya Allah Aamiin.

Family picture at the same spot
Shall we visit this town again darling?

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