Museum Macan: A New Art Paradise in Jakarta

Art Turns, World Turns. Please welcome: Museum Macan

It started from Elok’s wish to spend our weekend out from the mall. She read about this newly opened museum on internet, and suggested us to have a look.  And apparently, we had a great time, especially the artist Rafif!

The museum is named “Museum Macan”, stands  from Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara. It is just opened for public yesterday, so perhaps not many people know about this place.
It is located at Menara AKR building, near Kebon Jeruk area, West Jakarta. When I heard the location,  I immediately knew who owns this museum. “This must belong to Pak Haryanto Adikoesoemo”

The entrance hall of Museum Macan

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HSBC HR Team Building 2017: Bali! Keep Cruising

Here we are, on our way to Ubud for the main event of HR Team Building 2017. Our group will be cycling through rural villages of Ubud, Bali, enjoying the scenery and fun activities while improving the relationships among HR Team. 

The GoPro headcam is back!

I reattached my GoPro at helmet, and documented the trip. And yes, the Pelican drone was with me to capture the moment from bird eye view. Take a look at the video: 


Jumatan di Bali: Masjid Al Ikhlas Ngurah Rai Airport

Menara Masjid Al-Ikhlas terlihat dari depan
Jumat siang ini berkesempatan untuk sholat jumat di Masjid Al-Ikhlas, yang berlokasi di kompleks Bandar Udara Ngurah Rai, Denpasar Bali. 

Kebetulan akhir pekan ini ada acara kantor di Bali, dan pesawat tiba di Bali pada jam “tanggung”: sekitar jam 11 siang. Sebagian teman memilih untuk memanfaatkan status sebagai “musafir”. Tapi karena saya minggu lalu juga sudah tidak ibadah sholat Jumat karena bertepatan dengan hari Idul Adha, maka kali ini saya berniat untuk sholat Jumat. Continue reading

Annual Visit to GIAS 2017

AMG GT R – A beauty
Yes, it’s an annual visit that I won’t like to miss. The time to look at beautiful motors displayed at large convention centre, when many Jakartans succumb to their desire in getting their new vehicles, albeit knowing that it will only contribute to the traffic they themselves loathe. 

And here we go again…

Jagonya Ayam – F3 Racing Car

Similar to last year, the exhibition takes place in the giant ICE exhibition center at BSD. It’s more convenient to me to visit this year, as my house at Regentown, which is located just across the exhibition center, has just been completely built. So parking wise, which sometimes can be big problem in large exhibition like this, is no issue for me. I have my own parking place, although from my house to ICE needs 10 minutes of walk — which is fine! It’s like 3 holes walk in golf course anyway 🙂 Continue reading

Gadjah Mada University New Students Inauguration (PPSMB UGM)

I'm driving Aya to Bulaksumur, Jogja, this morning, taking her to inauguration day for Gadjah Mada University (UGM) new students. She joined with 8000+ other new students at Grha Sabha Pramana field (GSP), right in the center of campus for the first day of Pelatihan Pembelajar Sukses Mahasiswa Baru UGM (orientation training)

It is one of the biggest inauguration in the country, as UGM is known as the oldest and biggest university in Indonesia. How proud I am to see my daughter, wearing UGM jacket and soon will share the same campus as I used to have 25 years ago.

Good luck Mbak Aya! Spread your wings!

Here are some pictures I took in the morning:

Thousands of UGM students in front of Grha Sabha Pramana (GSP)
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Reconnect with Jalan Kaliurang Jogja

Sitting here in Starbucks Jalan Kaliurang Jogja, with happy heart to reconnect with the city I used to call "home".

This street was my 'playground' when I studied in Jogja. Many things have changed. Aside from this Starbucks, there are now McDonalds, high rise apartments, gelato place and many symbols of globalization and modernization occupying Jogja. But I can still feel the vibe of the city, the uniqueness of the place, and the warmth of the people.

I love Jogja. I really do.

DEWA: Rise from Ruins

The latest “DEWA” band photo series, which we took last week from our Roti Abon trip in Cirebon. This was the first group photo taken from Drone (Pelican). I made quite a bit ‘stamping’ over Photoshop to remove unwanted people in the background (sorry, groupies!)

This band-like photo series was originally started in 2005 back in Jogja. We had many of them throughout the years. I’m thinking of creating a page in my blog, solely dedicated for these photos. Watch this space.

Thank You Cirebon! Thank You Friends!

The Sparingga Roti Abon team, happily posed at Cirebon station, before leaving the town back to Jakarta. Take a look at those shopping bags!  It’s been really fun day. Such a bless to be together with these crowd for many years. Here is hope for many more years to come. Aamiin!

So habis ini kemana? Jenewa? Apa? Jogja? Ooh Bandung…! 😅😅

Another shot with me in the picture

Sparingga Family at Sunyaragi

The whole Sparingga family who joined this Roti Abon trip took pictures from the hill, with background of Sunyaragi cave, one of tourist destination in Cirebon.

We didn’t spend much time here. But we managed to fly Pelican around the complex and took the customary “Dewa” photo shoot. Stay tuned for the release! 

Meanwhile here are the pictures and video from the place:

Another picture of us