Friday Prayer at Masjid ALatief

We come early today for Friday Prayer at the beautiful Masjid ALatief. I’m not sure whether that window glass wall was new or not, but the last time I prayed here, I didn’t realize there was. You can see the view of south Jakarta from this side of the mosque. Add even more awesome touch to this already beautiful mosque.

Refreshing Cycling in Ragunan Zoo

Committed with our biweekly cycling schedule, today we took much less distance than 2 weeks ago. The total distance covered is “only” 20 km: from home to Ragunan Zoo, cycling inside the zoo, and return home. Although the distance was only half from our epic trip to Kota Tua, but actually the route was quite demanding, due to elevation.

We arrived at Ragunan Zoo around 6, and the zoo was just opened. For runners and bikers, coming early is the recipes for satisfying sessions. As there are not many visitors around, which help you to enjoy your activity in green, serene environment.

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The Supermoon is Bigger Tonight

I was surprised to find the supermoon looks bigger tonight. It’s brighter as well. Alhough it’s no longer in full moon period, but it’s still amazing sight to behold.

Too bad, 56mm is the longest lens that I got for my mirroless camera. I do have 200mm on my DSLR, but it’s been years I didn’t use my Nikon. The battery must’ve been dead. Oh well. So here I go, taking this nature phenomenon from my roof top. This is the best that I can get 😉

Epic Sunday Car Free Day Ride to Jakarta Old Town

Okay, for some of you, the veteran bike athletes, 40kms is nothing. But for us, the reluctant folding-bike cyclists, this was an epic ride!

Committed to use my Brompton more often, I asked Rafif to join me for Car Free Day (CFD) cycling session. Initially I planned for riding at elevated road of Antasari, but alas, the road was only opened for CFD last week, hence we had to detour.

Of course, the Sudirman-Thamrin is the most likely destination.

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Flying Drone in Cemagi

Thanks to our driver Dodik who showed us this free, not (yet) popular beach of Cemagi. As you’d normally found in Bali, it has Balinese temple (Pura) sitting on the tip of the beach.

The beach is still free for drone photography, unlike the other popular tourist spots, which charge you quite hefty fee. You would be required to pay IDR500k for flying your drone in Tanah Lot, for example (good thing, I did ask first!)

So while the weather and lighting were not so great this afternoon, at least I was able to capture some nice footage of the raging sea shore in Cemagi. While waiting for the video, here are some of the pictures taken from Pelican:

Our family on the beach rock:

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Kim Soo: More than Just Instagrammable Spot

How do you make your hang out place famous? In this social media era, the answer is to create nicely decorated place which offer unique spot for taking selfies!

And that seems to be the secret recipe of Kim Soo, a recently popular place for tourists around Seminyak. The place is actually decorated as store where they sell fashion and home accessories under Kim Soo brand name. But apparently it caught attention of Instagram celebrities in this country, who posted selfies after selfies, helped this place to get famous.

Well, okay we also contributed:

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Return Visit to Pak Man

We’re visiting the city where I was born, Semarang, this weekend. We plan to meet our sisters who celebrate Christmas here. While waiting for them to come, as usual we start with culinary visit. Our first stop was the unmistakable “Soto Pak Man” at Pamularsih. The clear soup is so tasty and “segeerrr” (what is it in english? LOL).