QBig: Big And New Shopping Arcade in BSD

Well it does say in the tin: QBig is a big shopping arcade in BSD, Tangerang. I visited for the first time last week, when I bought some home appliances for my house at Courts electronic store, which is located at the same complex.

Not all stores are opened, yet this would be one of go-to destination around the complex. They even provide buggy service to go around! Interesting to see how popular this place when all stores are opened.

ArtJog 2018

Arrived in Jogja for a wedding event, we first visited ArtJog, an annual art exhibition in Jogja, showcasing contemporary arts and artists. Supported by Djarum Foundation, the exhibition displays many interesting creative arts, some with very deep and provoking message.

Unfortunately, many of the visitors are amateur Instagram artists, who are interested more to take selfies with in the galleries, than to observe and read the art pieces’ description 😑

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Night Golf Promo at Senayan National

When I first heard that Senayan National Golf would be opening night golf session, I was immediately interested to try. The idea of playing golf after working hours, and not in precious, and often-disputed weekend time is definitely a good one.

Especially they announced of the promo rate for the first month of operation. IDR600k for 18 holes with cart for weekdays sounds like good value.

So here we go, last night, along with my two ex office mates, Richard and Edy, we tried our first night golf in Senayan National.

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Perpanjangan Paspor Sistem Whatsapp

Ternyata sekarang mengurus perpanjangan paspor sudah semudah mengirim pesan Whatsapp. Gak percaya? Ini pengalaman saya.

Karena paspor saya akan habis berlakunya di akhir tahun, dan rencana travelling saya akan berakhir kurang dari enam bulan dari masa berlaku paspor, maka saya menyegerakan pengurusan paspor saya.

Dari pengalaman mengurus perpanjangan sebelumnya, masalah yang paling sering didapati adalah mengantri. Sering dengar kejadian orang yang harus berlomba-lomba datang pagi untuk dapatkan nomor antri awal, namun nggak jaminan, karena banyak yang datang lebih pagi lagi.

Sempat juga berulang kali mencoba untuk mendapatkan nomor antrian melalui Aplikasi Paspor Online, yang sayangnya hanya tersedia di platform Android. Dan aplikasi tersebut kurang sempurna (buggy), jadi saya akhirnya frustasi untuk mencoba mengantri lewat jalur ini (selain itu HP saya iOS, jadi bolak balik harus pinjem HP anak, jadi rempong)

Sampai pada akhirnya saya browsing di internet dan menemukan adanya layanan pengambilan nomor antrian paspor via Whatsapp. Wah ini dia, cara ngantri jaman now!

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Chillin’ in Finns Beach Club

So having had time at Sundays Beach Club yesterday, we’re intrigued to see what Finns Beach Club has to offer in its new location. It is located now at Canggu area, where waves are aplenty, attracting many surfers to its location.

We sit by the tall bench overseeing the beach. Sipping cold drinks and finger foods, we enjoyed the strong breeze coming to the club. Although it was noon, and the sun was at its peak, we didn’t feel any warm at all. Continue reading

Spend the Morning in Tanadewa Villa

This morning we’re too lazy to do anything. So we decided to wake up late, and enjoy our villa at Tanadewa Nusa Dua.

The villa also offers its guest an ala carte breakfast at their petite lounge. From this lounge we can look over Benoa gulf with the toll road across the ocean. Nice view, and apparently the breakfast was nice as well. Time well spent ☺️

Breakfast in Tanalounge with nice view
The reception

Lazy Monday at Sundays Beach Club

I’ve been wanting to come to this place, ever since they were still belong to Finn’s Beach Club. Finally yesterday, we made it.

The Club is located on secluded beach in Ungasan area, beneath the cliff of Uluwatu. To get down to the club we need to get down quite long stairs before finally meet a visitors gate where you need to pay for cover charge. It costs you IDR300k per person to enter Sundays Beach Club, although IDR150k of that can be used for buying food and drinks.

Elok is walking down to the beach. You can see it in the background.

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Birthday Golf Round

One day, I half-complained to my wife, “why you never support my hobby, like buying me golf clubs, like some of my friends’ wives?”

Guess what, she listened to my plea. She bought me a weekend trip to Bali, which include a round in Bali National Golf. Haha, thanks a lot darling! 😘😘

My wife’s birthday golf invitation

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