Gemblung Golfers Jogja Golf Trip Day 2: Merapi Golf

On second day of our Jogja Golf trip we played at Merapi Gold Course, Cangkringan. It was a very nice round in beautiful course, under nice weather. Too bad Merapi mountain was only in sight for short period of time. But nevertheless, we had good round (our scores were much better than yesterday), and really had great time. It’s a nice ending to a fun weekend we had for the past three days.

Let’s do it again in near future guys!

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Unplanned Breakfast at Kopi Klotok

On our way to Merapi Golf Course, we made unplanned detour to Kopi Klotok, one of the most popular culinary destinations in Jogja. Normally this place is very crowded, we need to queue for sometime to get our food served. Especially its thin-crust fried egg!

So in our pleasant surprise, the place is already open at 6 am, and we were the first customers there! So we had to wait a bit for the dishes to be ready, as they were still cooking! But it was nothing compared to usual queue. In the end, we had very nice breakfast. Breakfast of a champion! (Sarapannya juaraaakkk!! ☺️☺️)

Warung Makan Purnama: Heavenly Delicious Mangut!

Coming back from Borobudur Golf Course, Magelang, we stop for lunch at Warung Makan Purnama. The restaurant has special dishes: “Mangut”, which is one of special dishes in Central Java. It’s difficult for me to describe Mangut, but let me say it’s a spicy-yellow-coconut soup poured into variety of smoked-meat, mainly fish or duck.

I picked their specialty, which is catfish. It comes with pecel (Indonesian salad with peanut sauce), and I also ordered side-dish of dried prawns and roasted egg. Gosh, what a combination I picked. It tastes like heaven! The combination of spicy, sweet and salty. Also the soft meat of the catfish is combined with the crunchy form of dried prawns and crackers. I can say it’s one of the best dish I had this year! No kidding.

I’m sure when I visit Jogja again, I’ll visit this place again with my family. Especially Elok, my wife, she’ll love it!!

Gemblung Golfers Go to Jogja!

Finally what has been planned for years come to reality! Gemblung Golfers golf outing, destination: Jogja.

Arrived in Jogja in the evening, we went straight to Gudeg Permata, a traditional Jogja culinary which is very popular nowadays. And such a pleasant surprise to meet our old friend Andre and Meika there, albeit they come to Jogja for different reason: participating in Jogja Marathon weekend. Should be a hell of fun weekend with these guys!

Easter Day CFD Ride: No Fooling Around

It’s 1st of April, but there’s no fooling around on our car free day (CFD) ride on Easter Day. We rode over than 33 km from our house to Petak Sembilan and Monas, before cycled back through Antasari.

Taking opportunity of a less-crowded CFD (it’s still a lot of people, mind you), we managed to arrive at Hotel Indonesia runabout and then, Petak Sembilan quite quickly.

Rafif ride his Dahon through less crowded CFD

Us in Hotel Indonesia rinabout with Asian Games counter – only 139 days to the biggest sporting event in Asia!

However when we arrived there, we were not really sure where to go. Yes, there was this “klenteng” (praying place), however as we were afraid to disturb the procession, we decided to explore some of the place’s narrow alleys instead.

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Late Afternoon Coffee at Cafe Batavia

It’s long weekend, so we have extra energy (and time) to visit places we normally don’t see. Like this Cafe Batavia, a popular cafe in old town of Jakarta, which Elok always love to go.

The old town hall was full of people. I guess many people had the same idea with us. But luckily Cafe Batavia still had seats for us.

We ordered light snacks and coffee. I and Elok both ordered Aceh Gayo single origin, which was nice. The Pempek (fried fish cake) was also surprisingly crunchy and tasty. I guess the cafe is popular not only because of its location in old town, and its unique decoration, but also because of its food and beverages.

Finally we left the cafe having paid quite expensive bill: IDR500k for light snacks and three coffees. Touristy price, we shall say ☺️

Gemblung Golfers are Back in Rainbow Hills!

It’s been a while not playing golf with these guys, just because our weekend schedule did not match. But today finally the Gemblung Golfers foursome is back at Rainbow Hills. No matter how good or bad is your score, fun and great laugh are always guaranteed playing with these gemblungers. Can’t wait for our trip to Jogja in two weeks time!

Beautiful mountain set as backdrop of this challenging course

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Car Free Day in Semanggi and GBK

Back to our Sunday’s cycling schedule, back to Car Free Day (CFD) area! But today we rode to the places we haven’t visited last time: the new Semanggi Flyover and the recently renovated Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) stadium.

Leaving home around 5.45, we arrived at CFD around 6.15. The southern part of Sudirman street was not too crowded, so we had quite good ride with hundred of runners.

Of course we stopped for a usual photography of our bikes ☺️

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