Friday Prayer at Masjid Jamek KL

The historic Masjid Jamek is just next to my office’s building, so it’s really convenient for me to walk and do my Friday prayer there. The mosque complex is not too big, however it is really convenient. The main prayer hall is air conditioned, but the mosque terrace is clean and neat with prayer mats available in every corner. They also serve ‘welcome drink’ for visitors which I found very refreshing. The prayer started at 1.19, which means we started the Friday prayer almost at the same time with Jakarta’s moslem did theirs. So why +1 time zone, eh? Wallahualam 🙂

Top Left: mosque terrace which oversee my office’s building; Top Right: Masjid Jamek facade; Bottom Left: the welcome drink; Bottom Right: the entrance terrace

Friday Prayer at Masjid ALatief

We come early today for Friday Prayer at the beautiful Masjid ALatief. I’m not sure whether that window glass wall was new or not, but the last time I prayed here, I didn’t realize there was. You can see the view of south Jakarta from this side of the mosque. Add even more awesome touch to this already beautiful mosque.

Sholat Jumat dan Makan Siang di Masjid Ammar Wanchai

Apabila Anda seorang muslim yang sedang berada di Hong Kong pada hari Jumat, beribadah Sholat Jumat sambil makan dimsum halal nan nikmat di Masjid Ammar patut menjadi pilihan.

Masjid Ammar terletak di daerah Wanchai, di tengah pusat kota Hong Kong. Tidak terlalu sulit menemukannya. Anda tinggal naik kereta MTR, dan keluar di stasiun Wanchai. Di stasiun ini, keluar lewat Exit A3 dan Anda akan mendapati Johnston Road tepat di depan Anda.

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Friday Prayer and Lunch at Masjid Ammar Wanchai HK

Alhamdulillah it’s Friday! And our first destination for today is to have friday prayer and lunch at Muslim canteen in Masjid Ammar, Wanchai HK. It’s always a special feeling meeting with fellow moslems abd pray in muslim-minority country. I’ll share the experience in different post later today.

Subuh at Ataturk

One of the perks of travelling abroad is to get a chance to pray in different part of the worls. Entering Subuh prayer times in a moslem-majority-country airport, it is not difficult to look for mosque (or “mascit”, as they say it here). Here, moslems from around the world gather. No questions asked where you came from, whether you’re sunni or shia, or which moslem president you’re supporting (oh, please). We come and gather here as one brotherhood of Islam. We pray in one common language, common way. And that’s the beauty of Islam. Mungkin yang ribut-ribut cuman kurang piknik 😉

Maghrib at Al Falah

I normally went for Friday prayer in Al Falah mosque whenever I did medical checks, as previously I always took the test on Friday. This time around, given the difficulty in scheduling, I do the check on Monday, so no Friday prayer this time around. But the ritual of praying in this masjid continues, albeit I go for maghrib prayer. 

Happy to see the masjid is now completely upgraded and renovated. It is really a spiritual home for us, the moslems, in the middle of ocean of materiality named Orchard Road. Subhanallah.

Jumatan di Bali: Masjid Al Ikhlas Ngurah Rai Airport

Menara Masjid Al-Ikhlas terlihat dari depan
Jumat siang ini berkesempatan untuk sholat jumat di Masjid Al-Ikhlas, yang berlokasi di kompleks Bandar Udara Ngurah Rai, Denpasar Bali. 

Kebetulan akhir pekan ini ada acara kantor di Bali, dan pesawat tiba di Bali pada jam “tanggung”: sekitar jam 11 siang. Sebagian teman memilih untuk memanfaatkan status sebagai “musafir”. Tapi karena saya minggu lalu juga sudah tidak ibadah sholat Jumat karena bertepatan dengan hari Idul Adha, maka kali ini saya berniat untuk sholat Jumat. Continue reading

Ashar by the Mangrove

Rafif enjoying the view of Mangrove from the side terrace of Masjid
We stopped by Masjid Al Hikmah for Ashar prayer after finishing our coffee session at PIK Avenue. The Masjid is located by mangrove forest preservation park in Angke, so aside of completing our daily responsibility as moslem, we got nice view of mangrove forest as bonus.

The masjid itself is surprisingly very clean. The wooden architecture blends well with its surrounding. 

The ablution room
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Eid Prayer in New Mosque

Reserve the best spot. Just behind the Imam
We came early this morning to reserve a nice spot inside the new mosque in neighborhood for our Eid prayer. 

The new mosque, Masjid H Andi Muhammad Ghalib, is a beautiful one, with touch of Arabic ornament inside. And look at that dome!

Beautiful dome

The beautiful Masjid H Andi Muhammad Ghalib