My Cycling Gears

Brompton S6L – Navy/Red “Superman”

Brompton S6L “Superman”

This the first bike that I bought after almost 10  years hiatus of cycling. I fell in love of Brompton bicycle when I used it as prop during my office event. And decided to buy it to improve my fitness regime. This bike made me in love with cycling again, and took me to enter the world of Brompton and photo cycling!

Brompton CHPT3 V2 – “Batman”

Brompton CHPT3 V2 “Batman” on his first mission to Jogja

Bought this in London, UK before the Brompton craze hit Indonesia. I was lucky, as the price at one point in time went up to 3x of what I paid. Lighter and stiffer, it has titanium body, which then I modified by turning it to even lighter, replacing the wheel set to a 2-speed carbon from Joseph Kuosac, and changed the seatpost and pedal to another carbon material. Sleek, quick and sexy. 

Cannondale SupersixEvo 2020 Ultegra – “Black Panther”

Cannondale SupersixEvo 2020 Ultegra “Black Panther”

My first road bike, and boy how I was hooked to this road cycling. I had no previous experience in recent years of riding another bike, but from my point of view this bike deserves all the accolades, and I can see why this was named as Bike Radar’s Bike of The Year 2020. It’s a pleasure to ride, it looks elegant, and from price vs performance, it’s among the best. Now equipped with Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon 50 wheelset, it’s a keeper for many years to come.

Cannondale SupersixEvo HiMod 2021 Ultegra – “Silver Surfer”

Cannondale SupersixEvo HiMod “Silver Surfer”

I thought I’ll keep my “Black Panther” as my steed for many years. Well, I was not wrong, but I was not entirely correct either. As in 2021, I was tempted to buy a new frame – Cannondale SupersixEvo HiMod. I transferred my Ultegra groupset, Mavic Wheelset and build a new bike which I named “Silver Surfer”. As for my Black Panter body – it remains in my custody. Currently serving as my indoor trainer bike with Wahoo Kickr.

The new frame has same geometry with the regular SupersixEvo, but it is now built from higher grade carbon. Hence, it’s name “HiMod”. Apparently it’s not only a marketing gimmick. From the first ride, I already feel the difference in riding quality. The body is stiffer, but this makes the power transfer more efficient. So I can feel with the same power, I get a faster ride.

The color scheme is beautiful as well. And recently my mechanic helped me to put all the shifting cables inside the frame. Hence not only it goes faster, it looks sleeker.

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