Innsbruck, Small Beautiful Town below the Alps

By popular votes, instead of going to Milan, we made detour to visit Innsbruck, small town in bordering country Austria. It is a beautiful place, located right below the Alpen Mountains. The old town buildings on the foreground blend nicely with the snowy Alps at the background.

One of the intersection of Innsbruck, with Alps on the background
The shopping alley at Innsbruck
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Coffee in Rest Area on Way to Innsbruck

On our way to Inssbruck, we took a short break in Rest Area near Trento, Italy. Get my daily dose of coffee with these Italians. 

It’s funny to observe how different the Italians (compared to us) in having their coffee. Mostly they will order for espresso and will finish it in 1-2 sips. While for me, I would rather to sit back, relax and enjoy my cappuccino. 

But one thing for sure, the standar of coffee in this country is very good. Even rest area on highway serve you high quality coffee!

The view from Rest Area
Our bus stopped at rest area

Evening Coffee at Pison Coffee

Our group tonight

Learned from our lesson yesterday, when we experienced bad traffic on our way to Kuta, we opt to look for nice hang out place within strolling distance. 

Our choice tonight is Pison Coffee, a seemingly popular cafe in Seminyak, where young travelers meet up, enjoy a nice sip of coffee while listening to fine acoustic band.  

Nice cappuccino served
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Starbucks Reserve: Not Your Regular Dose of Coffee Intake

“Pour over, please”
For die-hard coffee lovers, Starbucks coffee is synonim to KFC or other fast-food stall. It’s good only when you want to have quick grab, or when there’s lack of options but you want a familiar taste. 

Starbucks Reserve stall
Starbucks Reserve is introduced by the popular Seattle brand to lure the coffee connoisseurs who want beyond their regular dose of coffee intake.
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Bakmi Mama: A Nice, Upscale Mie Ayam at Neighborhood

The Mie Ayam and Bakmi Mama from the front

There is relatively new restaurant at my neighborhood around Jalan Tarogong, South Jakarta. Located at Hero Supermarket complex, just next to Starbucks Tarogong, the place is called “Bakmi Mama”.

This morning I had breakfast there with Rafif, had previously ate there with Elok, with a conclusion: it was nice, not bad.

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Delicious Empal Gentong and Refreshing Es Kopyor 4848

Our first culinary destinations are “Empal Gentong Mang Darma” and “Es Kopyor 4848” at Jalan Setiabudi Cirebon.

In my opinion,  “Empal Gentong” Mang Darma is better than a much popular H. Afud, which I visited last time I went to Cirebon. It is served with cow skin crackers which is really delicious and add complete taste to it.

The old bike and “4848 Cab Sign” which becomes the legendary sign of this Es Kopyor place
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Coffee at Angkringan Jogja

Took Rafif this morning for experiencing breakfast at Jogja style”Angkringan“. Angkringan is a small off the street food tent, normally sits on the pedestrian walk. Opened from late evening to early morning, these 

Angkringan have important role in saving Jogja cash-strapped students for cheap coffee and meals, albeit for a very small portion, which is popular called as “sego kucing” (cat’s rice portion) 😄

Truly unique Jogja. 

Lunch and “Ngopi Ndeso” at Kopi Klothok

Elok in front of the “Ndeso” kitchen
Since “ndeso” become trending topic in Indonesia these days, we visited Kopi Klothok, a javanese-traditional-village-setting restaurant at Pakem, Jogja. 

This restaurant now is very popular for tourists in Jogja. The ambience created is to simulate the traditional house of javanese villagers (ndeso!), where the kitchen (which normally have black walls due to ashes) is integrated with the dining place. 

Us, seating in “amben”, a traditional wooden bench for Javanese villagers to sleep at home
Rafif and Elok self service for their food at the kitchen
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Trying Out Toby’s Estate

Toby’s Estate Cup of Cappuccino
During Eid festive season, Pantai Indah Kapuk is one of the place in Jakarta where you can be sure the stores and restaurants are open, since this is known as residential area for many chinese Indonesian whose mostly are non moslems. 

Okay, but this post is not about race nore religion. It’s about us finding food for lunch, LOL. 

We did find it, but it was not remarkable one: Bakso Lapangan Tembak. Nice food, but you can find it somewhere else than in PIK. But at least it’s halal 😄, as PIK is also known as place of non-halal food restaurants in Jakarta. 

So after finishing our food, we look for something that we can only find in PIK. And that’s what lead us to Toby’s Estate, a coffee place from Australia, which is located in PIK Avenue Ground Floor. Elok happened to read it somewhere in internet, and we decided to go there.

The Coffee Bar
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