Shelter for Breakfast

Aya is craving for some smoothies for breakfast. This place, Shelter, is actually a tropical-designed coffee place, but it has Nalu Bowls stall, serving nice and healthy smoothies. It seems to be a popular place for foreign tourists, as we could be the only Indonesians sitting there this morning 😄

Kim Soo: More than Just Instagrammable Spot

How do you make your hang out place famous? In this social media era, the answer is to create nicely decorated place which offer unique spot for taking selfies!

And that seems to be the secret recipe of Kim Soo, a recently popular place for tourists around Seminyak. The place is actually decorated as store where they sell fashion and home accessories under Kim Soo brand name. But apparently it caught attention of Instagram celebrities in this country, who posted selfies after selfies, helped this place to get famous.

Well, okay we also contributed:

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Warung Be Sanur: Decent, but Fall Short from Beating the Original

When we’re in Bali, we always try to go to Mak Beng, a popular and highly-rated traditional culinary near Sanur beach. One problem with that place is it’s becoming too popular, you need to queue for place to sit during weekend.

So when we heard from some friends that there’s alternative of Mak Beng, which offer the same great taste of fried fish and fish head soup but without the need to queue, we followed the tip and headed there this morning for breakfast.

Well, one thing is true: there’s no queue. Warung Be Sanur, which is located near Renon Denpasar, has quite big dining hall. It approximately has seating for 200 guests, compared to Mak Beng which can only accomodate for probably 30-40. You’ll have no problem for seating, even if you come in large groups.

But in term of dishes, my family agreed that “nothing beats the original”. On the first sip of my soup, I already know that this is not Mak Beng. It’s lacking the spice Mak Beng’s soup is known for. The fried fish is also not as crunchy as the Sanur’a original. The sambal/chili.. well you get my point.

Don’t get me wrong, as the dishes itself, it’s actually quite decent. It would be categorized as “enak“, if only we didn’t compare it with Mak Beng.

So, having satisfied out curiosity in searching for the alternative, in the end we conclude: we would stick with the original next time we go to Bali again 😉

Return Visit to Pak Man

We’re visiting the city where I was born, Semarang, this weekend. We plan to meet our sisters who celebrate Christmas here. While waiting for them to come, as usual we start with culinary visit. Our first stop was the unmistakable “Soto Pak Man” at Pamularsih. The clear soup is so tasty and “segeerrr” (what is it in english? LOL).

Bakmi Ayam Alok

A bowl of delicious Bakmi Alok and sweetened ice tea. Nice brunch today.
Tempted by the look of this Mie Ayam over my friend’s Instagram, I googled this chicken noodle stall. Located near Grenvil, West Jakarta, I’m happy to find articles over internet which list this place as “one of the best ‘Halal’ chicken noodle in Jakarta”. Yeay! Off we go!

With help of Waze to find this place (I’m not familiar with West Jakarta region), we arrived around 10.30, and the place was packed. But we still managed to get seats. Probably it would be different case if we arrived a bit earlier, as many people chose to have their breakfast here. Continue reading