Mencoba Sate Ratu: Ranking 1 Restoran Trip Advisor di Jogja

Malam minggu di Jogja, seusai rapat kerja kantor, saatnya meluangkan waktu dengan anak wedok yang baru sampai kembali di Jogja.

Awalnya mau mencari kulineran nostalgia seperti biasa. Tapi selera lagi pengen makan sate, jadi kepikiran sate klatak atau Sate Samirono.

Hanya saja, saat browsing Trip Advisor kok melihat Sate Ratu sebagai restoran ranking 1 di Jogja saat ini. Ratingnya 5 out of 5 dari >120 reviews, dengan hanya 2 yang menilai Average.

“Pengen coba ah”, demikian keputusanku.

Dan sepertinya pilihan yang tepat. Continue reading

Celebrating Ubai’s Birthday

We’re celebrating Ubai’s birthday by having fine dinner at Wine & Crab restaurant, near Kremlin. This will be our last dinner together in Russia, so when Rosa, Ubai’s wife, was asked her wishes for Ubai’s birthday, she aptly said, “hope moment like this would happen more often”

Amen to that. Let’s do it again for Euro 2020 folks!

Afternoon Coffee in Singer Cafe

After exploring the city for few hours, the mager tourists feel it’s time to relax, sitting pretty while savouring the moment over cup of coffee in Singer Cafe, St. Petersburg.

The cafe is quite popular and crowded. Thankfully we got seat although it’s not by the window, in which you can see the view of Kazan Cathedral. Like this below:

So then after a cup of good coffee and nice cakes, we’re ready to roam another part of St. Petersburgh

Great Kazan Lunch

What a lunch we had today. Kazan’s special dishes, which we still can’t pronounce the name. But it’s certainly delicious. Especially the sashlik, lamb barbeque/satay – out of this world! And all of them are halal, as it is run by moslems.

Thanks to Ilham, Indonesian student from Makassar who referred this place. Certainly a must for anyone going to Kazan!!

Sitting Pretty in Kazan

To be honest, this is how our usual holiday looks like. Sitting pretty in Cafe K, on arcade street of Kazan. With high internet speed and cup of coffee, everybody is busy with their own smartphones.

It’s ok, we had quite eventful and tiring activities for the past three days. So now let’s relax for a while.

Sushi Masa: Jakarta’s Version of Tsukiji

In one conversation of my campus’ Whatsapp Group, one of my friend told the group that the best Sushi he ever tasted in Jakarta was in Sushi Masa. His opinion was echoed by my other friends. Oh, wait, sounds like a great place to check out, as our family all are sushi (or Japanese food for that matter) lovers.

Checking to the Google Map, apparently the restaurant is located in unusual place: Penjaringan. Near the fish market at North Jakarta.

Wow. It’s even more interesting! As it remind me of Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, where I and Elok tasted one of the best sushi we had in our lifetime. So without hesitation, (well actually a bit. Elok is not fond of going to faraway places in Jakarta LOL), we followed Waze’s direction and find the restaurant.

It is really far from our house. Well, we live in South Jakarta. This one is up there in North. You had to come through some unusual routes, and the location was really remote. We came for lunch, and I could only imagine how dark the place was if you came for dinner. After 1 hour+ of driving, finally we’re there.

“I hope it really worth it”, I said that time.

And boy, it really was. We ordered sashimi, sushi, their trade mark oyster barbeque, and couple other dishes. All of them were excellent. The fish meat was really fresh, and the taste was the best that we had in Jakarta. No kidding. It’s unfortunately, it was only four of us, so we couldn’t try other interesting dishes. That barbeque beef on charcoal plate looked to be everyone else’s favorite. We should try the next time we’re here.

The restaurant was not too big, and when we came it was almost full. Luckily we made reservation, as the place was getting crowded quickly. Some visitors were actually standing waiting while we eat. And the restaurant had unique opening hours. During lunch time they only open until 2 pm, and will open again only at 5 pm near dinner time. So, if you have plan to come to this restaurant, observe the opening time (Google has the information) and place a reservation!

In the end, it’s one of the most satisfying lunch we had in Jakarta. It was pricey, around IDR400k per person, which could get easily to IDR 500-600k if we ordered some more food. The price already includedmain dish, drinks and dessert (we ordered Ocha ice cream). Given it’s location and quality of the dishes, I can safely say that Sushi Masa is really Jakarta’s version of Tsukiji Market.

Chillin’ in Finns Beach Club

So having had time at Sundays Beach Club yesterday, we’re intrigued to see what Finns Beach Club has to offer in its new location. It is located now at Canggu area, where waves are aplenty, attracting many surfers to its location.

We sit by the tall bench overseeing the beach. Sipping cold drinks and finger foods, we enjoyed the strong breeze coming to the club. Although it was noon, and the sun was at its peak, we didn’t feel any warm at all. Continue reading