Ramadhan has Started

Ramadhan has started. On the first day of Ramadhan, what used to be a short trip to restaurants is now replaced with listening to short Islamic course in musholla after Dhuhur prayer. Time well spent, Alhamdulillah.

Jagoan HBID – Staff Party

Tonight is the culmination of our office’s first anniversary celebration. We held staff event at Raffles Hotel. What a turn out. Awesome crowd.

Carrying theme “Jagoan HBID” (heroes HBID), it was a blast. The crowd love Management Team’s performance, and obviously Kahitna, which headline the show at the end. Great event. Thanks to the organizer for excellent work!

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Huge Reminder for My Birthday

Karena sekarang ulang tahun saya selalu jatuh di hari libur (Hari Buruh Internasional), jadi saya sudah nggak bisa lagi dikasih surprise dari temen kantor di hari ulang tahun.

Well, not too fast.

Kemarin pagi, seorang tetangga kompleks mengirimkan pesan selamat ulang tahun ke WA Group kompleks, dengan foto rangkaian bunga papan besar nangkring di depan rumah.

Hahaha beberapa teman di kantor (you know who you are folks) ternyata mengirimkan bunga selamat ulang tahun ke rumah. Karena saya masih di Bali, ya baru tahu karena WA tetangga tersebut. Rafif juga ikut kirim message di Line: “Pah, we have a HUGE reminder that it’s your birthday. It’s kind of embarrassing”. LOL. 😅

Terima kasih teman-teman atas ucapan dan hiburannya yang kreatif! Love you all!

1st Anniversary of Integrated Bank

Today marks 1 year of successful integration of my office, HSBC Indonesia. To celebrate this historic milestone, since yesterday, Board of Directors and Management Committee of the bank walked around the floor of our headquarters and branches, shaking hands with the staff, saying thank you for the hard work and their support throughout the challenging year, pre and post integration. While it was tiring for us to walk in all 11 floors in two headquarter buildings yesterday, but it was enjoyable and rewarding at the same time, to see many “Jagoan HBID” are all in great spirit.

This morning I continued the roadshow in Melawai branch, holding a townhall with staff in the branch. It’s all good, and most of the staff are in smiles and happy. Sukses selalu, Jagoan HBID!

Final Meeting Session at KL

Finally we had our final meeting session in KL with Talent and Learning team, before heading back to Jakarta. It’s been an insightful and enjoyable trip in KL. We return with many ideas and examples which we might adopt in our organization. Thank you so much, KL Team! Looking forward for your return visit! ☺️🙏

Friday Prayer at Masjid Jamek KL

The historic Masjid Jamek is just next to my office’s building, so it’s really convenient for me to walk and do my Friday prayer there. The mosque complex is not too big, however it is really convenient. The main prayer hall is air conditioned, but the mosque terrace is clean and neat with prayer mats available in every corner. They also serve ‘welcome drink’ for visitors which I found very refreshing. The prayer started at 1.19, which means we started the Friday prayer almost at the same time with Jakarta’s moslem did theirs. So why +1 time zone, eh? Wallahualam 🙂

Top Left: mosque terrace which oversee my office’s building; Top Right: Masjid Jamek facade; Bottom Left: the welcome drink; Bottom Right: the entrance terrace