Teeing Off in Excellent Weather

As what often happened in our Management Offsite in the past, we capped off the productive weekend with a round of golf.

This time we teed off in Merapi Golf Course, Cangkringan, Jogja. Although the majestic form of Merapi mountain was not visible due to thick clouds, but the weather was excellent.

Temperature was in low and mid 20s throughout the round, making us still had plenty of energy after 18 holes. We could’ve played another 18, but hungry tummy and lack of time killed that idea ☺️

Senior Management Offsite – 2018

Located at Alana Hotel and Convention Centre, Jogja, Senior Management of HSBC Indonesia ran their annual Senior Management Offsite. As it has been since 2016, the meeting venue was set up in most relaxed manner, with bean bags and casual attire, to promote discussions and fun!

The session continued with gala dinner at our hotel, Hyatt Regency Jogja.

Well, It was the most fun gala dinner we ever had for years! Each team delivered great sing and dance. (With minimum props and practice, we’re happy with the 3rd place!).

And the sing and dance mood continued after the competition. The dance floor was full with people dancing! Love the atmosphere!

(Oh, and it was me singing on the stage. Can you guess the song? 😬)

Branch Manager Conference 2018

So it’s done, the annual Branch Manager Conference 2018 which was held in Inter Continental Hotel Bandung. Some of good learnings from the session:

  • With national GDP > USD1 trillion, Indonesia is among priority international markets with great potential upside.
  • What it takes for us to GRAD?
  • As leader, prepare to make unpopular decision, but do it with good intention.
  • Common themes in any business disruption: time, cost, seamless integration, convenience.
  • The key for any successful strategy execution is how good the quality of your people managers.
  • Successful leaders have generous gene on their flesh and mind (Jack Welch)
  • Saya sadar saya berharga” – Important for leaders to have self esteem and believe that they have something to offer.

  • On the Train to Bandung!

    I’m joining Branch Manager conference in Bandung for two days, starting tomorrow. We’re departing on a train from Jakarta this afternoon.

    Happy to see and meet every branch leadership team from all around Indonesia. We’re looking forward to have two productive and fun days in Bandung!

    New HR Direct Live!

    A new day has begun for HR in HSBC! The New HR Direct is launched today which replace the old People Soft system which was due to change many years ago.

    Hopefully this will bring positive change to the department and the bank will be even more productive! Aamiin.

    Fighting Jet Lag for Office Golf

    Fighting jet lag and sore back, I’m playing on OJK golf tournament this morning in Royale Golf Course. Struggled with 2 double bogeys in first 4 holes. But hey, even Tiger Woods had it as well on British Open second round. If he can come back, I can do it as well….. (not really 😅)

    Inspirasi dari Seorang Jenderal Mantan Kopassus

    Sore ini kantor kami kedatangan tamu istimewa. Seorang Jenderal mantan panglima Kopassus, yang juga menjabat sebagai Menko Bidang Kemaritiman: Bapak Luhut Panjaitan.

    Sebagai seorang yang telah berusia 71 tahun, Pak Luhut terlihat masih sangat enerjik dan gagah. Mungkin berkat tempaan latihan mengangkat ransel dan beban 30 kg saat beliau jadi tentara elite Republik ini dulu.

    Berbicara di depan leadershipteam bank internasional yang terdiri dari berbagai suku bangsa, Pak Luhut sama sekali tidak out of place. He speaks english very eloquently. Tapi sebagian besar sesinya disampaikan dalam bahasa Indonesia. Which is good, karena beliau dengan candid bercerita dengan campuran dialek Batak yang khas.

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