It Feels Like A Reunion!

I attended Halal Bihalal and sharing session for Forum Human Capital Perbankan Indonesia, a professional forum for banking industry’s HR professionals. It almost feel like reunion, as we meet long time friends or ex working colleagues, happily sharing thoughts and memories together. Many of us have changed jobs, but it’s great to know that the friendship is always there.

Bid Farewell to Friends in 80s Style

It’s me, sporting hair metal look, with my ex-boss, boss, and friends.
Some of our senior colleagues are finishing their terms or assignments in our bank, including my boss Tony. We bid them farewell in fun, 80s style outfit. Never say goodbye, let’s celebrate and rejoice the friendships!

And guess what, I won the ‘Best Dress’ prize! Hahaha. Here I was on the stage with fellow finalists
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Not a Goodbye, but See You Around Tony!

After 6 years working together, this month will be the last month I’ll be working together with my boss, my friend, Tony, who I can always depend for his calm, composed view even in time of crisis. 

I will miss the afternoon time when we sat down together and discussed about various people issues in our bank, threw banter of our football clubs (Man United vs West Ham… no contest really 😄), and not to mention the hot cappuccino we sip during such enjoyful afternoon. 

So while we have this event to say thank you to him among his friends from his circle, BER (great to see many familiar faces!) and HSBC,  it’s not farewell, at least yet. And as he will stay with us as our bank’s commissioner, it’s not even a goodbye. So see you around Tony! It’s been a great ride!

Au Revoir Gimin and Nick!

“The last BER HOB Meeting”
The old gang of BER HOB is back! This time to bid farewell to our dear friend Gimin and Nick who will leave the bank for their new exciting chapter.

It was great meeting these folks, feeling the homey and friendly atmosphere we’re accustomed to for the past five years.

Good luck Gimin and Nick, all the best, see you around!!

Gimin have his farewell speech
Nick bid farewell to all of us

No Driver Day Today!

As my driver has gone home to his village, I have to drive to office by myself. Well, it’s be behind the wheel at this times of the year anyway, Jakarta’s traffic is very friendly, so I can do some selfies while listening to rock music 🤘🏻

Flashback to 2 years ago..

2 years ago at this very day, we announced the start of strategic project to integrate the bank.

After 2 years of tiring, challenging yet exciting journey, we arrived at destination, only to pause, celebrate for a moment, and set sail for a bigger journey.

For me, I have fulfilled my mission. Let Allah be my guidence to where my future goes.

The Launch of PT Bank HSBC Indonesia

The scenes at event: with distinguished guests, the launch, and Raisa
So here we are, publicly launching our integrated entity, PT Bank HSBC Indonesia, after a 2 years long journey to get here. After getting through sleepless nights, exhausting tasks, and yes, period of dramas, finally we can celebrate our achievement of marking history, not only for HSBC group, but for Indonesian banking industry.
The event was held at Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place. Featuring Raisa as entertainer, it was attended by hundreds of staff, clients, vendors, partners and government officials. It was a night of great celebration. Alhamdulillah.