Christian & Cindy Wedding Party

It’s great to meet both old friends and colleagues in BER and HSBC HR when attending Christian and Cindy wedding party at Patra Jasa.

Congrats Christ & Cindy! Nice to see everybody 😊👍


‘I Love Monday!’ Music Concert

Sitting at the back of drum set is definitely more fun than sitting at the back of driving wheel in a bad traffic evening!

And that’s what basically what I did, jamming with these fun Music Club folks who share the same interests in playing music.

Billed as ‘I Love Monday!’ Music concert, the concert was quite successful, featuring some Directors and Head of Business as guest stars, including myself! Not bad for channeling those rock spirit inside me! Ha! 🤘

Here is a clip from our performance, singing “Kehidupan” from God Bless. Yeah!

Evening Coffee at Pison Coffee

Our group tonight

Learned from our lesson yesterday, when we experienced bad traffic on our way to Kuta, we opt to look for nice hang out place within strolling distance. 

Our choice tonight is Pison Coffee, a seemingly popular cafe in Seminyak, where young travelers meet up, enjoy a nice sip of coffee while listening to fine acoustic band.  

Nice cappuccino served
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HSBC HR Team Building 2017: Bali! Keep Cruising

Here we are, on our way to Ubud for the main event of HR Team Building 2017. Our group will be cycling through rural villages of Ubud, Bali, enjoying the scenery and fun activities while improving the relationships among HR Team. 

The GoPro headcam is back!

I reattached my GoPro at helmet, and documented the trip. And yes, the Pelican drone was with me to capture the moment from bird eye view. Take a look at the video: 


Jumatan di Bali: Masjid Al Ikhlas Ngurah Rai Airport

Menara Masjid Al-Ikhlas terlihat dari depan
Jumat siang ini berkesempatan untuk sholat jumat di Masjid Al-Ikhlas, yang berlokasi di kompleks Bandar Udara Ngurah Rai, Denpasar Bali. 

Kebetulan akhir pekan ini ada acara kantor di Bali, dan pesawat tiba di Bali pada jam “tanggung”: sekitar jam 11 siang. Sebagian teman memilih untuk memanfaatkan status sebagai “musafir”. Tapi karena saya minggu lalu juga sudah tidak ibadah sholat Jumat karena bertepatan dengan hari Idul Adha, maka kali ini saya berniat untuk sholat Jumat. Continue reading

It Feels Like A Reunion!

I attended Halal Bihalal and sharing session for Forum Human Capital Perbankan Indonesia, a professional forum for banking industry’s HR professionals. It almost feel like reunion, as we meet long time friends or ex working colleagues, happily sharing thoughts and memories together. Many of us have changed jobs, but it’s great to know that the friendship is always there.