Concert Experience: Jogjarockarta and Dream Theater: Images, Words and Beyond

Jogjarockarta: great rock festival featuring legends. Please come back next year!

I first listened to Dream Theater 25 years ago in Jogja. Their skilled musicianship were displayed prominently in a masterpiece sophomore album, titled as “Images & Words”

Intrigued by their complex song writing, yet with catchy melody lines, I joined the band wagon of my friends in Jogja, to buy the cassette. And honestly, I consider the album as one of the best rock album of all time. Well, take a look at the title of my blog then you realize from where I get the inspiration.

With my fellow concert goers, who also listened Dream Theater for the first time in Jogja
That’s why when Dream Theater announced they will be playing in Jogja, celebrating the 25th anniversary of this monumental record, I wasted no time. Bought the pre-sale tickets for me and my old Jogja friends, and here we go, back to Jogja, the city where we listened to Dream Theater for the first time. 
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Futsal FE UGM is back!!

The boys after the game
Finally the long overdue futsal games of FE UGM 91-93 boys is back! Had a great time, and good game (won the game and scored a hattrick, not bad). 

Many friends came and played this time around (positive effect of the silver reunion), helped on the substitutions, so the old hearts and bones were not exerted too much! 

Let’s do it again in much shorter time, guys!

92++ (on whites) vs 93 (on reds)

Pukpuk Golf

We’re ready for golf! (Or at least, dressed like golfers!) 😬
Our Pukpuk Arisan is back! This time, the theme and activity is indoor virtual golf at V-Golf Lotte Avenue. Well, while swinging golf club is an alien concept for some of us, but we did have fun and look natural in our  golf outfit, did we? 😊

Rina tried to swing her golf club 🙂
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What left is great memories… (and couple of nice pictures…)

Orange is the color of our faculty
Yes, the big reunion is over. But the great memory lingers. The traffic of our whatsapp group spikes significantly the past two days. Many of our long lost friends reappear. Friendship is rejointed. Feeling is reconnected. 

Let us rejoice this moment, when we suddenly live in time capsule where time stands still. 

Meanwhile, here are some leftovers from the reunion. Some of nice pictures with great friends:

Berbeda tapi satu
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Reuni Perak FE UGM 92 Finale: Malam Persahabatan

Held at Plaza FEB UGM, the class of 92 host a lesehan dinner, featuring popular culinary dishes from Jogja, which include sate klathak, soto sawah, bakmi jowo, angkringan, pempek ny. kamto, and many others. 

Aktifis Kampus, Wartawan EQuilibrium and Wisma Bulu occupant 🙂

Our evening is also complete, with the special appearance of Pak Eko Suwardi, Dean of FEB UGM, Pak Hani Handoko, Department of Management’s favorite and legendary professor, and Amirullah, Vice Dean. 

Happy to introduce Aya to Pak Eko Suwardi, Dean FEB UGM and Pak Hani Handoko, my long time mentor and professor

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Kuwi Sopo Yo?

Pepen, the host of the session
Kuwi Sopo Yo? – We’re back to classroom, not to learn about principle of economics or marketing strategy, but to re-learn about (sometimes) our long lost friends and get updated about their current life and families. Facilitated by Pepen, the short session was not only insightful but also entertaining.   Continue reading

Pre-reunion Dinner Class of 92

Group photo, unfortunately the host, Abdul Halim hasn’t arrived
As warm up for our main event of reunion tomorrow, we have a pre-reunion dinner at Sultan Agung Cuisine, courtesy of Abdul Halim, our colleague who currently serves as local government official in Bantul, Jogja.  

Before everyone came
The faces of 92