DEWA: Rise from Ruins

The latest “DEWA” band photo series, which we took last week from our Roti Abon trip in Cirebon. This was the first group photo taken from Drone (Pelican). I made quite a bit ‘stamping’ over Photoshop to remove unwanted people in the background (sorry, groupies!)

This band-like photo series was originally started in 2005 back in Jogja. We had many of them throughout the years. I’m thinking of creating a page in my blog, solely dedicated for these photos. Watch this space.

It Feels Like A Reunion!

I attended Halal Bihalal and sharing session for Forum Human Capital Perbankan Indonesia, a professional forum for banking industry’s HR professionals. It almost feel like reunion, as we meet long time friends or ex working colleagues, happily sharing thoughts and memories together. Many of us have changed jobs, but it’s great to know that the friendship is always there.

Thank You Cirebon! Thank You Friends!

The Sparingga Roti Abon team, happily posed at Cirebon station, before leaving the town back to Jakarta. Take a look at those shopping bags!  It’s been really fun day. Such a bless to be together with these crowd for many years. Here is hope for many more years to come. Aamiin!

So habis ini kemana? Jenewa? Apa? Jogja? Ooh Bandung…! 😅😅

Another shot with me in the picture

Sparingga Family at Sunyaragi

The whole Sparingga family who joined this Roti Abon trip took pictures from the hill, with background of Sunyaragi cave, one of tourist destination in Cirebon.

We didn’t spend much time here. But we managed to fly Pelican around the complex and took the customary “Dewa” photo shoot. Stay tuned for the release! 

Meanwhile here are the pictures and video from the place:

Another picture of us

Delicious Empal Gentong and Refreshing Es Kopyor 4848

Our first culinary destinations are “Empal Gentong Mang Darma” and “Es Kopyor 4848” at Jalan Setiabudi Cirebon.

In my opinion,  “Empal Gentong” Mang Darma is better than a much popular H. Afud, which I visited last time I went to Cirebon. It is served with cow skin crackers which is really delicious and add complete taste to it.

The old bike and “4848 Cab Sign” which becomes the legendary sign of this Es Kopyor place
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Sparingga Roti Abon Trip

It’s been planned for yeaarss (the last time we went for trip together was to Bali in 2012). Initially planned for Bangkok, reduced to Bali, and finally we settled for Cirebon (daripada gak pergi deh!). Sporting ‘Wayang Reimagined’ shirts, we ride train yo Cirebon, celebrating long time friendship (it’s actually a family), while bidding ‘Au Revoir‘ to Hanny who will leave to Geneva by the end of this month. So, next trip Geneva, buddies? (If we settle for Bandung, that’s okay 😅)

Before hopping train in Gambir
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