Golf is A Strange Game

Golf is such a strange game. The last time I played two weeks ago, I started the round feeling awkward. Body balance was shaky. I lost confidence on my swing. Everything was off. Posted bad score.

This morning, only God knows why, I felt very good and on. Hit my first tee off flushed and in fairway. My irons play was also sharp. Only putting was a bit unfortunate. Had 6 birdie chances but putt didn’t want to drop. I only got it on the last hole, and it was a tap-in, thanks to excellent 3-wood second shot, and tip from my caddie, Rusdi. Look at below my two best holes, the difficult Par 5 Hole 1, and the closing Par 5 Hole 18:

In summary, I felt solid all round, could’ve been lower if those putts dropped.

Haha get real man, this is golf we’re talking about. On the day when your putts seem to drop from all angles, your tee-offs might be off!! 😅

Well, it’s a game with lots of variables. A game of minimizing mistakes. A puzzle that we would never be able to completely solve. But that’s why we always come back for more! ☺️ 🏌️ ⛳️

Reuni Rombongan Sirkus Russia

Seneng banget malem ini bisa reuni bareng Rombongan Sirkus Russia, sambil ketawa ketiwi melihat foto dan video di Russia, dan mengingat pengalaman kita dengan Yandex, Luba dan apartment tanpa lift.

Karena dalam dua minggu di Russia kita sering bercerita mengenai kucing-kucing kita, jadi malam ini teman-teman berkesempatan untuk menjumpai kucing-kucing kita di rumah. Bahkan beberapa sempat foto bersama.

Terima kasih teman-teman! Mari kita ulang lagi dalam waktu yang tak terlalu lama. Btw, Hokkaido tanggal berapa? Eh. Hahaha.

Watching World Cup with My Buddy

Back in 1996 while we were in Singapore for Singapore International Foundation Asean Student Fellowship program, we set our goals to watch World Cup together.

It’s a little bit overdue, but 22 years later, here we are, about to watch Semifinal match between Belgium vs France in St. Petersburg.

Alhamdulillah, which favor of Allah would you deny?

Pukpuk is Back after Long Absence

Finally we’re back again in full group for our (supposedly) monthly arisan. While we’re together, there must be great food and great laugh, and sharing of personal circumstances (aka curhat), which only people in this group would hear. It’s great to be back, friends! See you next month! Oom Fredy, shall we?

Gowes Pilkada

Taking advantage of national public holiday because of Pilkada (regional election), I and Rafif joined some of my office colleagues rode to GBK complex.

While we were in the inner stadium ring, I flew my Pelican for an aerial photography. Alas, the security guard asked me to put it down, as it is now prohibited.

Well, I managed to capture a short video and snapshot of mine before I landed my Pelican.

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Reunited After 20 Years for World Cup Match

So 20 years ago, these bunch of folks used to gather in Perdatam area, watching football while eating Martabak AA and drinking Coke.

So for good old time sake, four of us reunited at my house with those lovely (but terribly unhealthy) food, while watching World Cup Match: England vs Panama.

Here Rudi and Ubai, my good old friends, coming to my house, bringing Martabak AA and its perfect companion, Coca Cola

And such a perfect night we have, as England rolled on to win the match 6-1.

Go England!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Alea Family Ifhtar

In probably the last ifhtar gathering in Ramadhan this year, Alea family meet up for our annual fasting break at our swimming pool area. Alhamdulillah, the annual ritual continues!

BukBer: Buka Berdelapan

Haha, yes, only eight of us for this year’s BukBer FE UGM 92. It’s probably because most of us have had our annual Buka Bersama in Jogja last Saturday, hence we had the lowest attendance of participants this year! But annual tradition has to continue. And nevertheless, seeing and meeting old friends are still fun!