Moscow Metro

I made this short video of Moscow Metro rail system. I was fascinated with the old metro system, with old carriage and station design. This one was taken in 2-3 stations only. I would have liked to visit more Metro stations, but time did not allow me.

Some descriptions about Moscow Metro from Wikipedia:

The Moscow Metro (оско́вский метрополите́н) is a rapid transit system serving Moscow, Russia and the neighbouring areas. Opened in 1935 as first underground railway system in the Soviet Union, in 2018 the Moscow Metro excluding the Moscow Central Circle and Moscow Monorail, has 214 stations and its route length is 364.9 km, making it the seventh longest in the world. It’s famous for its uniquely-designed stations reminiscence of the strong government role in cold-war era. (Source: Wikipedia)

St. Petersburg White Nights

We were staying late in St Petersburg down town for documenting the “white nights” – although the sun sets at 10.30 pm, the sky is never completely dark. Or in photographer’s term, the “blue hours” stay longer. Much longer.

It’s actually a dream scene for landscape photographers. I could have spent hours to roam around and take photos, but we’re all tired and have agenda in the next morning. So after couple of shots near Hermitage, I packed my bag and call Yandex to go home 😅

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Sharing Foto di Social Media

Akhir-akhir ini saya mengamati banyak temen-teman yang buka akun atau bahkan “hijrah” ke Instagram untuk sharing foto-foto. Tapi lucunya, banyak foto yang di-posting di Path, Facebook atau Instagram sama.

Ya nggak salah sih, bebas.

Kalau saya, saya punya diferensiasi untuk foto-foto yang saya sharing di social media:

  • Facebook: buat foto-foto yang umum, bisa dinikmati khalayak luas, dan secara personal sensitivitas-nya rendah. Juga kalau cukup banyak foto yang di-upload. Contoh foto-foto liburan keluarga atau acara reuni bareng teman-teman lama.
  • Path: nah kalau ini foto-foto yang lebih spontaneous dan “nggak penting”, kayak selfie, foto makanan apa kalau pas lagi ngopi. Juga untuk foto-foto yang personal sensitivity nya lebih tinggi, makanya saya membatasi Path friends dengan teman-teman dekat saja.
  • Instagram: kalau ini saya join sudah lama, dan saya dedikasikan khusus untuk foto-foto cantik. Bukan saya lho yang selfie cantik, tapi lebih ke foto2 yang punya nilai fotografi mayan tinggi lah. I don’t share my life in Instagram, but I do share my cats’ lives. Hahaha, serius saya punya akun khusus untuk 5 kucing saya yang lucu-lucu (@aleacats)
  • WordPress: kalau ini sih personal blog saya. Saya sudah nge-blog dari tahun 2002, sejak dari Friendster Blog (iya, saya tua). Tapi sudah 10 tahun lebih pindah ke platform WordPress. Dulu hanya sebagai photo diary (sebelum Path ada, makanya sempat lama gak ikutan buka path, karena sudah punya blog). Ternyata digital diary ini sekarang sangat berguna buat saya kalau mau lihat kenangan saat anak-anak masih kecil misalnya. Karena kalau di blog kita bisa atur kategorisasi, dan bisa search kata kunci jadi gampang untuk menemukan postingan yang terdahulu. Kalau di Facebook apalagi Path kan ribet. Nah seiring waktu, juga untuk menyalurkan kegemaran saya menulis, kalau saya punya pengalaman yang menarik yang saya rasa bermanfaat untuk khalayak umum, saya share foto-fotonya di media ini. Contohnya tulisan pengalaman saya liburan berlayar di Pulau Komodo yang cukup viral dan dapat banyak hits setiap hari. Lumayan lah, seneng aja kalau banyak yang terbantu dengan tulisan dan foto-foto saya.
  • Twitter: kalau ini mah bukan media sharing foto. Tapi lebih ke tempat menumpahkan uneg-uneg pribadi. Kadang di bidang politik, tapi lebih sering lagi kalau mendukung tim/atlit olahraga favorit saya. Jangan heran akhir-akhir ini menemukan banyak sumpah serapah mengenai Manchester United di timeline saya! Hahaha.

There you go. My social media world. Masih banyak lagi sebenernya jejak digital saya. Untuk profil profesional saya juga punya LinkedIn, dan untuk koleksi gambar-gambar lucu atau foto-foto jam saya ada di Pinterest. Lengkap kan? Am I social media dia junkie then? Maybe 😅

The Supermoon is Bigger Tonight

I was surprised to find the supermoon looks bigger tonight. It’s brighter as well. Alhough it’s no longer in full moon period, but it’s still amazing sight to behold.

Too bad, 56mm is the longest lens that I got for my mirroless camera. I do have 200mm on my DSLR, but it’s been years I didn’t use my Nikon. The battery must’ve been dead. Oh well. So here I go, taking this nature phenomenon from my roof top. This is the best that I can get 😉

Flying Drone in Cemagi

Thanks to our driver Dodik who showed us this free, not (yet) popular beach of Cemagi. As you’d normally found in Bali, it has Balinese temple (Pura) sitting on the tip of the beach.

The beach is still free for drone photography, unlike the other popular tourist spots, which charge you quite hefty fee. You would be required to pay IDR500k for flying your drone in Tanah Lot, for example (good thing, I did ask first!)

So while the weather and lighting were not so great this afternoon, at least I was able to capture some nice footage of the raging sea shore in Cemagi. While waiting for the video, here are some of the pictures taken from Pelican:

Our family on the beach rock:

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Museum Macan: A New Art Paradise in Jakarta

Art Turns, World Turns. Please welcome: Museum Macan

It started from Elok’s wish to spend our weekend out from the mall. She read about this newly opened museum on internet, and suggested us to have a look.  And apparently, we had a great time, especially the artist Rafif!

The museum is named “Museum Macan”, stands  from Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara. It is just opened for public yesterday, so perhaps not many people know about this place.
It is located at Menara AKR building, near Kebon Jeruk area, West Jakarta. When I heard the location,  I immediately knew who owns this museum. “This must belong to Pak Haryanto Adikoesoemo”

The entrance hall of Museum Macan

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The Results Are In! This is the Winning Picture!

“Meet Up at Trocadero”
Well, as some of you have predicted, “Meet Up at Trocadero” got the most votes from my “Couple Pictures in Paris” post last week. Deciding from 5 couple pictures we took in Paris, this picture got the most votes (35%) from 75 voters because of its “unique pose” and the glimpse sight of Eiffel which mostly “represent Paris”.

“In Autumn Forest” got the second most votes (28%), as some of voters said the “expression was the best”, but did not get the win because it “didn’t show enough of Paris” (even my brother said it looked like a shot taken in Cibubur! LOL)

“In Autumn Forest”

Below is the final result of the poll, just in case you’re wondering how the other 3 pictures fared to each other. Thank you very much for participating. Now finally we have a great couple picture to be printed and hung on our bed room! Have a nice weekend!

The Final Poll Result

Couple Pictures in Paris: Help Us to Choose!

The five pictures we picked
As you all might see on my blog, we love to take couple pictures. Whenever we’re travelling, we always try to look for nice spots for taking picture of two of us with the unique scene in those locations. 

Yesterday in Paris was no exception. Of course, being in Paris, the romantic capital city of the world, the inspiration to take couple pictures ran high. We took many of them. Out of numerous photo shoots (mind you, it’s just us with tripod, we don’t hire photographers as celebrities do! 😅), we picked 5 pictures which we like most. 

Now we would like to enlarge, print and frame just one to hang it on our bedroom, replacing the old couple photo we took almost 10 years ago! So please, just for fun, help us to choose. Look at these 5 pictures below (‘Read More’), and click this link to pick your favorite. I’ll share the result in maximum of one week time! 

Merci beaucoup!
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Misty (and yet still) Picturesque Venice

The unmistaken view of Venice
Some people says “it is hard to be original when it comes to Venice. Every aspects of the city has been painted, photographed and described a hundred times before by some of the greatest minds of the Western hemisphere”

I guess that was right. I myself had seen many pictures, paintings, and even comics about Venice. I have clear vision of how Venice looks like, and how I should take pictures of this beautiful city.

Alas, this morning gave me unexpected weather.  The mist clouded the city since early day. This casted monochromatic ambience throughout the city. My hope to get sparkling scenes of Venice from bright sunlight was gone.

But thankfully Venice is still as enchanting as ever. The small island on the northeastern of Italy does not need help from the nature to give you interesting point of interests. The decaying walls, the artistic gondolas, and the mirages reflected in every corner of canals, however unoriginal, are still feast for photographers. 

Myself included. 

So here are some of my shots from today. I hope I’m still able to capture the beauty of Venice, one of the most picturesque city in the world, although of course, it’s far from original 🙂

Gears: Fujifilm XE2 with Fujinon lens 14mm, 23mm, 56mm. GoPro Hero 4. IPhone 6s. Edited in Snapseed – with warm color set to enhance to mood.

One of many canals you find in Venice
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