Vespa and Drone Morning Ride

Suddenly this morning I had the urge to ride my vespa, and looking for wide place to practice my drone flying skills. Then I remember Richard, my friend, who just repainted his Vespa, and I believe he was falling in love again with his scooter.

So I texted him to see if he thought if it was a good idea. 

Well, great minds think alike, within minutes Richard already arrived at my house. Unfortunately, my Vespa’s battery was dead, so I couldn’t start it on (jarang dipake siih). But it’s ok, at least we took pictures together with our scooters:

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Droning Around Complex

Controlling the drone from our roof top
Is that a word? Droning? Haha. 

Anyway, I and Rafif continue to learn how to fly Pelican, our drone. Taking off from our roof top, it was much more delicate take off and landing procedures than in swimming pool area, given relatively narrow area (that yellow pad is the drone landing pad). But thankfully, we managed to complete the task safely. 

Then I recorded the movie of my drone flying around complex. Geez, just realized how difficult it was to create a smooth, cinematic aerial video. As you can see in the video, the movement was very jaggy. I’m still not familiar with Mavic controller, let alone to focus on how to shot pro-like video. Many things to learn and practice, I guess 😉

You can see the video on this YouTube link 

Our First Flight

It’s us down below!
Under heavy tutelage from my brother, Oyi, I and Rafif was finally able to fly our drone for the very first time. Feeling cagey and awkward on the controller, and felt bit of scared for crashing our drone at the first flight, Alhamdulillah it was a non-eventful flight. 

Taking off from our complex’s swimming pool area, we managed to make ‘Pelican’ (that’s the call sign of our Mavic anyway, taking name from Halo’s famous drop ship) hover, and fly around the complex. Here are the first pictures and videos from Pelican… and hopefully ones from many to come!

Pilot Rafif and Pelican. He is better in controlling this drone than me
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New Toy! A Drone!

After sometime curb my desire to own a drone, finally my gadget geek beat my (financial) sanity. I bought myself a drone, the brilliant DJI Mavic which I considered for quite sometime. Especially after saw it in person,  when my brother Oyi, who has established himself as professional drone photographer, showed me his very own Mavic (racuuuun!) 😅😅

So I’ll charge the remote and batteries, and see what I can do with this thing, especially for our upcoming family holiday. Yeay!

You’ll be forgiven if you mistakenly think this product is not from China. The packaging is neat, the build quality is superb.

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Early Morning Photo Hunting at Cologne

The bridge, the cathedral and the river – complete landmark of Koln
This morning, woke up really early due to jet lag, I used the time to roam the neighborhood and went photo hunting. Walked across to the east end of Hohenzollern Bridge, which is the popular spot to take picture of the bridge and the majestic cathedral. Happy with the captures. Time well spent 😉

Koln Train Station

It’s me with the majestic landmark

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Cologne’s Sparkling Christmas Market

Four of us in front of the market and Cologne Cathedral
Cologne with its famous Christmas Market became our first stop in our Schengen Countries holiday. And it didn’t disappoint. Located around Cologne Cathedral, its bright lights, stalls full with interesting crafts & traditions, and the vibe created by thousands of locals and tourists spark the chill winter night. 
The market full of lights!
Locals love to drink and chat. Not for us though, as it’s mainly alcohol 🙂

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Train Pre-Departure


The signage of our train

Too bad, Elok is not feeling well today, so I have to stay with her at the hotel. So the only objects I can take for pictures today at Cirebon are these train pre-departure activities.

During my short photo hunting session, I observed that since PT Kereta Api (it is the name of Indonesian state-owned train operator) underwent its turnaround and revolution led by Mr. Jonan few of years ago, the station and the train operation are now much more different, more professionally managed, making it as viable and comfortable transportation for people of Indonesia. Great job Kereta Api!

Cleaning Tools to keep our train clean and tidy


The motorhouse – the locomotive

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Travel Lite Companion

My travel light companion: Fuji XE2 with 27mm/f2.8 pancake lens. Easy to carry, come out discreetly, while still carry a lot of DSLR-like punches when you need to.

On the other note, matur suksma Bali. See you again. Gak ada matinye! – at Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS)