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My Top Posts – Based on Popularity (Number of Hits)

fifa09boxart-260x300FIFA 09 vs PES 2009: History Reviewed 

My take on which footy game is the best. A bit outdated, but with history attached, it became timeless post.

Resensi Buku ‘Harus Bisa!’: Kepemimpinan ala SBY 

Cover Buku Harus Bisa!

My review of a book by Dino Pati Djalal about Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Republic of Indonesia’s 6th president. Citing some examples on his leadership. Surprisingly garnered many hits, especially in election years 🙂

5 Best Goals in History of Football

Zinedine Zidane goal

My definition of best goals in history. From Maradona to Zidane. All of these 5 goals did not only bring silverware, but also legendary status to their scorers. Classic.

Gadget Freak: Runs in the Family


A flashback looking at the collection of my late father’s gadgets. Cameras, Walkman, to Betamx. It runs in the family, actually.

‘We Will Rock You’

we-will-rock-you portrait

My review of a musical performance by UK’s musical director Ben Elton, inspired by legendary rock band Queen.. Actually my first time watching a musical. And I was hooked since then.


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