She is in Good Hands

I guess I'm now reaping the benefits of being quite active student and alumni for my campus. I met with so many familiar faces during the meeting of parents with faculty members. Most of faculty officials recognized and called me by name, as they were my juniors, who have been successful in their academic career by their own right. It's great to reconnect again with them, albeit now in much different situation as we were 20-25 years ago.

So now my mission is complete. It's time to fly back to Jakarta, and leave Aya in my friends' good hands and Allah grace. I know she will be fine. Insya Allah.

Gadjah Mada University New Students Inauguration (PPSMB UGM)

I'm driving Aya to Bulaksumur, Jogja, this morning, taking her to inauguration day for Gadjah Mada University (UGM) new students. She joined with 8000+ other new students at Grha Sabha Pramana field (GSP), right in the center of campus for the first day of Pelatihan Pembelajar Sukses Mahasiswa Baru UGM (orientation training)

It is one of the biggest inauguration in the country, as UGM is known as the oldest and biggest university in Indonesia. How proud I am to see my daughter, wearing UGM jacket and soon will share the same campus as I used to have 25 years ago.

Good luck Mbak Aya! Spread your wings!

Here are some pictures I took in the morning:

Thousands of UGM students in front of Grha Sabha Pramana (GSP)
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Settling in Her New Room

My mission is almost accomplished. After buying some stuffs required for her study, I helped Aya to settle in her new room in Jalan Kaliurang area.

Tomorrow is a big day, when she will be inaugurated as Gadjah Mada University (UGM) student, starting her campus life in Jogja. Bismillahirahmaniirahiim

The Family ‘Tradition’ Continues in Third Generation

After her grandfather and father, Insya Allah Aya will be the next Gadjah Mada University graduate, having been accepted in Accounting, International Undergraduate Program, at Faculty of Economics and Business. 

So proud of my baby, her months of preparation have finally taken her to the place she deserves. Our prayers have been answered in the best option possible, one we have envisioned for long. Alhamdulillah!

The Defining Day

Mbak Aya, this may be a day when your future will be decided. Result of this day may define the path of your career, the group of your friends, and maybe (as what your Mom experienced) the man you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.

So do your best as divine intervention will always be there in our course of action. And we believe Allah will answer our prayers by giving the best for you, for us, and for our family. 

No matter what, I’m always proud of you and will be there for you wherever you are.

A man who loves you unconditionally, 

Your Dad.

The New, Green, Face of UGM

Bicycles at Gadjah Mada University Head Office, to take you around the campus without polluting the air

For the past few years, I had few opportunities to visit my campus in Jogja, either coming as Guest Lecture or simply for leisure. But I haven’t really had time to explore and observe in a bit more detailed of Gadjah Mada University (“UGM”), one of the oldest and biggest University in Indonesia. 

This time, as I accompanied my daughter to take a test in my old campus, I took time to walk around the complex, observed the place in more details, took some pictures along the way. I didn’t wander too far, just around Humaniora complex near my campus, Faculty Economics and Business. 

Sosio Humaniora Street, it’s not open road anymore

One biggest difference in UGM complex compared to my time (circa 20-25 years ago) is how restricted the complex from motorcycles and cars. This morning we also had difficulties in finding the entrance to the Economics & Business Faculty, as the old routes which I used to take were all closed for cars to enter. Cars and motorcycles can only be parked in certain parking place. The big one is near the auditorium, Graha Sabha Pramana. Gone is the day where cars, motorcyles and even buses roamed around the campus. 
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Guest Lecture at FEB UGM

Another chance to share my knowlegde and experience to the young students of Faculty ot Economics and Business in Gadjah Mada University, Jogja, where I’m an alumni. Took picture with Mbak Diah, the lecturer who was my project mate before, and the entire class. Happy and feel blessed I made it this far, and can share stories to them.

Graduated in Flying Colors

The proud ‘MM’ 🙂

The day is finally here. Finally I’m graduated from Prasetiya Mulya Business School, taking the right to put “MM” (i.e Magister Manajemen – equal to MBA in Indonesia) behind my name.


Along with some of my MM-43A class mates


After hard, tiring and stressful 2+ years of study, it came to a happy ending. I graduated with distinction, and suprisingly (although I can’t say that I don’t expect or wish for it) I graduated top of my class as “Best Graduate“. When I got an email from Campus that I was asked to represent my class for taking pictures for advert in newspaper, I already wondered whether I’m going to win some award. But the Campus officer didn’t say anything, so I thought it was because of my occupation, or simply because of my good look… (not!).

But it was then confirmed during the rehearsal yesterday, that I’ll be asked to come to the stage to receive the award.  It’s a very proud moment for me, as not only I repeated the same achievement I obtained while I graduated for my Bachelor degree in Gadjah Mada University, but also because of my serious ilness last year made me wondering at that time whether I could even complete my study!


With Wendy, Andy and Budi – fellow Best Graduates Awards Recipients. Shortly before come to the stage taking the award

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