Breakfast at Nasi Kandar Pelita

Our last day of weekend in KL starts with breakfast in Nasi Kandar Pelita at Bangsar. This Indian mixed Malay restaurant is very popular in Malaysia, and you can find it in almost every corner of the city.

I ordered Nasi Briyani plus fried chicken, while Elok and the kids tried Maggie noodle and roti prata. All is good, and we had a nice, satisfying breakfast.

KGB Burger: As Advertised

It is displayed in this restaurant: “because life is too short to eat bad burger”.

We can’t agree more, but not sure what is definition of “bad burger”. Does McDonalds cheese burger qualifies as bad burger? It’s probably the same question we should ask whether Starbucks coffee is a bad coffee?

I personally don’t think so. As regular customers of McDonalds and Starbucks, I find the convenience of having familiar taste wherever you go is a big plus.

But I also think that KGB Burger, a local burger franchise in KL, does as it’s advertised. It is really good burger. I ordered cheese burger with crispy beef bacon, which tastes really nice. The burger looks big, but actually when you ear them, the meat and the bread don’t full your stomach. So it’s a good portion for me. They also serves truffle fries and wedges with dips, which also tastes great.

When you’re around in KL, and is looking for something a bit different than local specialty dishes or those global players menu, come to this local burger gourmet, you won’t be disappointed!

Ultra Happy in Ultraman Restaurant

My little sister, Chita, who is a permanent resident in KL, has been telling us about this Ultraman Restaurant on the ground floor of her apartment at Damansara, KL. She used to live in our house, so she was kind of witnessing and helping raising Rafif (and Aya). She exactly know how Rafif loved the Ultraman when he was still toddler. So when she heard about the opening of this restaurant last year, the first thing came to her mind was to take Rafif here.

Today that plan came to realization. We took the MRT ride from Bukit Bintang to Damansara, and headed directly to the restaurant. Chita fetched us in TTDI MRT station, and took us to there meeting with her husband, Bona.

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Friday Prayer at Masjid Jamek KL

The historic Masjid Jamek is just next to my office’s building, so it’s really convenient for me to walk and do my Friday prayer there. The mosque complex is not too big, however it is really convenient. The main prayer hall is air conditioned, but the mosque terrace is clean and neat with prayer mats available in every corner. They also serve ‘welcome drink’ for visitors which I found very refreshing. The prayer started at 1.19, which means we started the Friday prayer almost at the same time with Jakarta’s moslem did theirs. So why +1 time zone, eh? Wallahualam 🙂

Top Left: mosque terrace which oversee my office’s building; Top Right: Masjid Jamek facade; Bottom Left: the welcome drink; Bottom Right: the entrance terrace

Jumuah Barokah in Ampang

Alhamdulillah it’s Friday, and it seems to be also a special day in Kuala Lumpur. In front of our bank’s hall, near Jalan Ampang, yellow tents are erected, housing many variety of sellers, from food, drinks, fruit to clothings. We call it “pasar kaget” back home in Jakarta (literal translation: surprise/sudden market ☺️)

It’s nice to see these kind of local festivities, witnessing different kind of culture and habits people have in different part of the world. Jumuah barokah everyone!

The Origin of Kuala Lumpur

The office meeting room where we spend our day look over at the historic mosque in central of Kuala Lumpur. People said this js the origin of this capital city of Malaysia. “Kuala” means “river”, while “Lumpur” means “mud”. The mosque is sitting at the top of the muddy plains, which was formed because of the meeting point of two rivers: Gombak river and Klang river. Such a historic site, and proud to be working in a bank that is central to KL’s development since hundreds years ago.

KL Tower seen from the bank’s entrance