A Nice Round at Suwan Golf Course

Great course, great round. Happy 🙂
How can you stand accompanying your wife shopping at Bangkok famous shopping places? 

You can’t. So, go play golf instead! 😉

Knowing that my wife and her friends will spend their day shopping around Bangkok, I booked a golf trip package through golftripz.com. The agency gave me two option for public course in Bangkok. One of them is an older course while located in the middle of Bangkok, but the layout is uninspiring. The other, Suwan Golf Course, which I finally selected, is 60 km away at the outskirt of Bangkok, but will provide “true test and challenge for real golfers“. Sounds good to me ☺.
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Coldplay Bangkok Concert Experience

The stage from our seating position. Provide great bird eye view of a beautiful concert
When Coldplay planned to come to Asia for their “Head Full of Dreams” World Tour, I immediately thought of going to their concert with Elok. Well, I can say Coldplay is one of few intersections from our vastly different musical interests, so this would be a perfect concert for us going together. Alas, the concerts tickets at Singapore, the closest venue from Jakarta, were sold out in hours, and we were left disappointed.

But to our much pleasant surprise, couple of days later, one of Elok’s friend informed us that there are still tickets available on their concert in Bangkok. So without hesitation, we bought our tickets and arrange the trip there!

Me, Elok and our fellow concert goers
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HSBC HR Asia Pacific Leadership Dinner

Group picture with fellow HR Leaders and Asia Pacific HR Heads
After three years of absence, we finally gathered again for HSBC Asia Pacific HR Leadership Workshop in Hong Kong. It is good to catch up with good friends, which we haven’t met aside from our regular video conference meeting. The day was capped with dinner at Kung Tak Lam Vegetarian Cuisine Restaurant, at Tsim Tsa Tsui. Far from vegetarian, I find it very delicious, surprisingly! 🙂

Complete HR ASP Leadership Team Picture

Concert Experience: Guns ‘N Roses Not in This Lifetime Tour 2017

The big stage with big big screens
Ok, after sore muscles and sleepy eyes have gone, here is my story from the experience watching last night’s Guns ‘N Roses (GNR) Concert in Singapore.

Billed as “Not in This Lifetime” concert, the show is highly anticipated by GNR and rock fans who grew up in hair metal hey day. Nearing mid 90s after releasing the cover album of Spaghetti Incidents, GNR personnel were busy making headlines due to their conflicts. Axl Rose was reported to be too egocentric and fired the fellow original line-up of the band Slash and Duff McKagan from the band. The feud between them was very bad, hence there was a time when Slash was asked if he ever going to reunite with Axl, his response was “not in this lifetime!”

The ticket. At SGD302, it’s not cheap

But hey, nothing lasts forever (“even cold November rain”). And people do change, including Axl and Slash.
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Safely Landed in CGK, After 13 hours of Direct Flight from AMS

Alhamdulillah safely landed at CGK, after 13 hours of direct flight from AMS.

Suprisingly, it wasn’t bad, as I managed to watch 2 movies and slept for 7 hours in between 😅

For aviation geek only: this is the same type of airplane we took when we flew to AMS two weeks ago. The Boeing 777-300ER (stands for Extended Range) is capable to fly up to 15,000 km range. Theoretically it is able to fly direct from CGK to London Heathrow (LHR) which is 14,500 km away.

So why Garuda doesn’t offer this route? Or in our case, why we had to transit in Changi Singapore 2 weeks ago?

The answer of this question is not only because of commercial reason (e.g. to take more passengers from Singapore), but mostly due to technical reason: our CGK airport doesn’t have long enough runway for a full-tank Boeing 777-300ER to fly. Hence we will never have direct flight from CGK to AMS, let alone LHR!

Will we have it someday? I doubt it as it may not be the priority. Priority should be given to add more runways so less queue for airborne flights! 😅 

Our Second Visit in Amsterdam

In front of Van Gogh Museum, which we failed to enter 🙂

It’s our second visit to Amsterdam, a city which we have been quite familiar with. We actually planned to visit Van Gogh Museum in the morning, the place which we have not visited on our first trip. Alas, the holiday season made it difficult to get the ticket. We saw long queue to enter the museum, so we decided to take pictures in front of the museum instead. Maybe next time, Meneer Van Gogh 🙂

We found this big field in front of Van Gogh Museum to be really Dutch-like, so we decided to take the family picture here as well 🙂

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