Run in Singapore, Finally!

This morning I went out early morning for 10K run around our apartment’s neighborhood. When I started running in the beginning of pandemic, I always imagined how pleasant it was to run in Singapore. But only 2 years later this plan came to realization, thanks to the easing situation of the pandemic. As I imagined,…

Gemblung Golfers New Year Golf at Sedayu PIK 2

Last Saturday, we continue the Gemblung Golfers tradition to have at least New Year or Year End golf. This time around, we picked Sedayu Indo Golf. A recently opened golf course in Pantai Indah Kapuk 2, which is built on reclaimed land. The golf course is designed as link style – taking cue from traditional…

Never Say Never

When I started running less than 2 years ago (thanks to pandemic), I never aspire to be a marathoner. The thought of enduring >5 hours running scares the hell out of me. But as I gained pace and lowered my HR rate, I increased my distance. 3, 5, 10, and then 15K. My longest run…

Jalan-jalan Bersepeda ke Jakarta Utara

Mumpung Rafif masih di Jakarta, kita napak tilas bersepeda berdua ke Jakarta Utara. Sebelum Rafif kuliah ke Singapura, bersepeda berdua sambil foto-foto sering jadi pengisi aktifitas kita di akhir pekan. Nah kali ini Rafif ingin untuk mengunjungi PIK. Awalnya mau untuk loading dan langsung sepedaan di PIK. Tapi akhirnya kita memutuskan untuk gowes dari rumah….

My 2021 Annual Sports Review

When I wrote about my Year 2021 Resolution, in particular to the sports resolution, here what I wrote: Finish Real Triathlon 5K run under 30 mins 10K run under 1 hour Maintain/improve active days in Strava Out of those 4 resolutions, I managed to achieve all of them, except the first one: Finish Real Triathlon….