No Driver Day Today!

As my driver has gone home to his village, I have to drive to office by myself. Well, it’s be behind the wheel at this times of the year anyway, Jakarta’s traffic is very friendly, so I can do some selfies while listening to rock music 🤘🏻

Our First Flight

It’s us down below!
Under heavy tutelage from my brother, Oyi, I and Rafif was finally able to fly our drone for the very first time. Feeling cagey and awkward on the controller, and felt bit of scared for crashing our drone at the first flight, Alhamdulillah it was a non-eventful flight. 

Taking off from our complex’s swimming pool area, we managed to make ‘Pelican’ (that’s the call sign of our Mavic anyway, taking name from Halo’s famous drop ship) hover, and fly around the complex. Here are the first pictures and videos from Pelican… and hopefully ones from many to come!

Pilot Rafif and Pelican. He is better in controlling this drone than me
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New Toy! A Drone!

After sometime curb my desire to own a drone, finally my gadget geek beat my (financial) sanity. I bought myself a drone, the brilliant DJI Mavic which I considered for quite sometime. Especially after saw it in person,  when my brother Oyi, who has established himself as professional drone photographer, showed me his very own Mavic (racuuuun!) 😅😅

So I’ll charge the remote and batteries, and see what I can do with this thing, especially for our upcoming family holiday. Yeay!

You’ll be forgiven if you mistakenly think this product is not from China. The packaging is neat, the build quality is superb.

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Aya’s Graduation: Cikal Moving On Ceremony Class of 2017

I can hardly believe seeing her on the stage today. A chubby baby no more, she has grown up to be a beautiful young lady, ready to move on to next chapter of life: college.

Today is the Moving On Ceremony, marking her graduation from SMA Cikal Amri. May Allah bless her and her friends to embrace brighter future for them. Aamiin.

Here are the story and pictures from the event:

Coming up to the stage
Big hug from Ms. Widi who guided and mentored them for the past 2 years
Take picture after receiving the certificate with the Principals and Teachers

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Bukber FE UGM 92 plus Reunion Meeting

An annual ritual that should always be preserved: Buka Bersama (ifhtar) with colleagues from FE UGM 92. Taking the same place like last year in Dapuraya Pasaraya, we use the opportunity to continue our discussion for our upcoming reunion in August. It’s only three months to go, but hopefully with renewed sense of enthusiasm, we’ll use the time to make the event successful and memorable. Aamiin.

It’s So Good to be Back in Our Own House!

Tabby enjoys watching sunrise from my room
It’s so good to be back in our own house. We spent whole day moving back our stuffs from our rented house (which luckily is located just across the road). By maghrib, we already had ifhtar at our own house, despite still surrounded with boxes of stuffs which we had no place to put. Sigh, but that needs few more months to complete the interior design works so our house will be looked beautiful inside as in the outside!

The drums and guitars are now in their proper location: music room

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Moving Back Day 1

Rafif’s room with the IKEA furniture set and his wallpaper of choice – wooden plates 🙄
After 6 months of renovation, this weekend we will be moving back to our own house. Alhamdulillah, everything is almost set, the basic infrastructure – air condition, water supplies and window covers have been installed. However, the internet lines are not yet ready (how can we live without it? LOL)

Some of the rooms are new and refreshed. Aya and Rafif’s room have their new set of furnitures (yes, that IKEA confusing trip did give us something). And more excitingly, there are new library and music rooms for Elok and me, respectively.

Next will be the interior design works for the new living rooms which will take a bit sometime (and extra money too!). 

To be continued…..

Aya’s chic and refreshed room

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Saya Indonesia, Saya Pancasila!

Dulu saya pikir Penataran P4 itu cuma indoktrinasi. Pelajaran PMP itu nggak berguna. Lambang burung Garuda itu hanya sekedar pelengkap ruangan. Lima sila itu hanya hafalan.
Tapi ternyata akhir-akhir ini kita disadarkan bahwa kealpaan kita untuk mengingat, memahami dan menjalani kehidupan berbangsa kita berdasarkan Pancasila telah membuat negara kita ini rentan terhadap perpecahan.

Dengan itu, saya menyambut baik diperingatinya Hari Pancasila pada tanggal 1 Juni (libur gitu loh), untuk kembali mengingatkan kita pada nilai-nilai luhur yang sudah diletakkan oleh para founding fathers negara ini.

Jayalah Pancasila. Jayalah Indonesia! 🇮🇩