Apple Fanboy X

Call me Apple fanboy as you wish, but it feels good to get their latest phone (iPhone X) in their flagship store with a spectacular view of HK harbor 😊It’s my first time ever to visit this cool flagship store. It’s located in IFC building near Central. What is so cool with this store is the concept that you can approach the staff in red Apple uniform, and they will enter your purchase through their iPhone.

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Back to Hung Hing Toys!

This small toys store near Johnston Road at Wanchai always become my favorite destination whenever I come to Hong Kong. It has one of the most complete toys collection in town. But what attracted me since 2008 was they sell with relatively much cheaper price than in Indonesia. It’s not uncommon for Rafif to find his Gundam’s target at almost half price than back home. No wonder he is like a kid in candy store!

Look at their floor to ceiling toy rack!

Don’t be mistaken with the place among HK street market, but for toys collector, it won’t disappoint.

How to get there: use MTR to Wanchai, and take exit A3. Walk straight towards Johnson Road, and you will see across the road, there’s a small street full with street market vendors just beside KFC. Go walk inside this street and you’ll find this sign:

Or follow this Google Map location:

Hung Hing Toys

Hong Kong, Wan Chai, 太原街17-19

+852 2891 4739

Get inside, and empty your wallet! Hahahah 😅

Friday Prayer and Lunch at Masjid Ammar Wanchai HK

Alhamdulillah it’s Friday! And our first destination for today is to have friday prayer and lunch at Muslim canteen in Masjid Ammar, Wanchai HK. It’s always a special feeling meeting with fellow moslems abd pray in muslim-minority country. I’ll share the experience in different post later today.

Refreshing Cycling in Ragunan Zoo

Committed with our biweekly cycling schedule, today we took much less distance than 2 weeks ago. The total distance covered is “only” 20 km: from home to Ragunan Zoo, cycling inside the zoo, and return home. Although the distance was only half from our epic trip to Kota Tua, but actually the route was quite demanding, due to elevation.

We arrived at Ragunan Zoo around 6, and the zoo was just opened. For runners and bikers, coming early is the recipes for satisfying sessions. As there are not many visitors around, which help you to enjoy your activity in green, serene environment.

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Pembubaran Panitia Reuni Perak: Job Well Done!

After has been delayed for few times, finally the committee for FE-UGM 92 Silver Reunion gathered again to celebrate our accomplishment.

Hosted by Dinda in her new, big and beautiful house, we had a pot luck party with plenty of food served.

Anang, the Committee Head, thanked the committee and participants who made the reunion last year was so successful. The committee reported more than 100 alumni presented in Jogja, and we still had surplus of money in our fund raising which will be used for future use. It was job well done. So maybe we do another in our 30th anniversary? 😊

The Supermoon is Bigger Tonight

I was surprised to find the supermoon looks bigger tonight. It’s brighter as well. Alhough it’s no longer in full moon period, but it’s still amazing sight to behold.

Too bad, 56mm is the longest lens that I got for my mirroless camera. I do have 200mm on my DSLR, but it’s been years I didn’t use my Nikon. The battery must’ve been dead. Oh well. So here I go, taking this nature phenomenon from my roof top. This is the best that I can get 😉

Kagama Golf Club Tournament 2018

We participated in Kagama Golf Club Tournament at Royale Jakarta this weekend. The event involved 230 golfers, and was marred with heavy wind and rain. Despite our gallant effort to finish the tournament on tough course and condition (halah), we came home empty handed. No trophies nor prizes for us. Hahaha. Next time better!