One Down, Three to Go

Finally my Gadget Wishlist is reduced by one. Last week, I went to Ratu Plaza and bought myself an iPod Video (Apple prefer to call it iPod with video capability).

Actually I went there with purpose to buy an USB external hard disk. I’m resigning from my office, and therefore need a temporary storage to transfer all of my files. But alas, Armand, one of my office colleague who accompany me to Ratu Plaza, successfully convinced me to pick the “Gadget of the century”, instead of the hard disk, citing that the iPod is basically a “hard disk” based music player. So, I emptied my pocket, and picked the 60GB model. Thank God, it did not disappoint me in any way.

For one, it has abundant space for storage. Have transferred all of my personal files to it (working files and pictures), complete with my collection of MP3 songs on my notebook and CDs, my iPod still leave me with 33 GBs of available space!

As a music player, iPod does it best. Of course, it doesn’t stay on top of list of MP3 player for nothing. The thing sounds very good, eventhough using its standard earphone. Too bad, my collection of MP3s came with varying degree of recording quality. Some are really bad ones, they sound awful, and my iPod can’t do much to help. Time to look for better quality MP3 songs, and to convert my CD collections to WMA or MP3! At least, I can control the quality.

Other feature that I was proud to showcase them to my friends, is the video capability. I downloaded Eminem “Just Lose It” music video from internet and tried it rightaway. Even though iPod screen is very small (even smaller than my PDA), but it shows brilliant colors and resolution. The image appears so crisp, and it sounds great as well.

Talking about battery life, Apple reported 20 hours of music playing time. I don’t measure it, but find it pleasantly adequate. I charge it every 3 days or so, and that is with what I consider as ‘heavy usage’ (now I’m carrying it everywhere, playing it everywhere–even when driving, until I’m about to sleep). And it automatically charges when I connect it to my notebook, so I rarely find my iPod out of power.

So, in short, I’m very happy with my buying. It accomodates my needs for space storage, and most importantly, reduces my wishlist by one. Now I can leave 2005 a bit easily *grin*. What’s next? Sony PSP sounds good.


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