‘We Will Rock You’

We Will Rock You Musical Poster

Pardon me for being too ignorant with the opera for all of this time. I never watched any single play in an opera, I am never interested with the likes of “Hamlet”, and I found opera is too “sophisticated” for my liking. Until last Saturday.

I was in Singapore last weekend with my wife (Elok). Travelling without the kids allow us to explore things we haven’t done before. Including this opera-watching activity.

The reason why I decided to watch this show was simply because of the “Queen” association with the show. “We will rock you” itself is an inviting title for me. Opera play with rock music? Yeah, I’m sold.

So we went to The Esplanade, and bought a pair of ticket. Alas, the cheapest ticket were sold out, so we had to settle with S$97 price. “Hmm.. expensive” I thought. “Better be good” I pleaded.

And boy, the show really is worth the money. It is one of the most memorable show I’ve ever watched after Metallica concert in Lebak Bulus 1992 (yeah, that notorious riot).

The story is actually pretty standard. It set the plot on the future, when all musical instruments are banned by a “GlobalSoft”, the ruler of the future world (yeah, Microsoft can be like this). People are prohibite for composing song or playing any musical instrument. The job has been taken over by computer program.

Then there is a guy (main role) and his girlfriend, Galileo Figaro and Scaramouch (ok, for Queen’s fans, you can see the line here. It’s part of “Bohemian Rhapsody” lyrics) who has this inner insight to “hear” music and lyrics from the past. And from that insight he believes he can find a musical instrument (still remain a myth that time) and start to make and play music again. In the end, of course, all of his beliefs are realized in happy ending note.

Galileo, Scaramouch and the Bohemians
Galileo, Scaramouch and the Bohemians

But it’s not the story that make this show special. It’s the well-orchestrated music and act. All of Queen’s famous songs are played and blended into the story. Some lyrics are being changed to fit that purpose. For example, instead of “Radio Ga-Ga”, it’s changed to “Internet Ga-Ga”. But for most, the songs fit pretty well with the story. When Figaro tried to break from this GlobalSoft domination, for example, he sings “I want to break free”. Or when the Bohemians (the rebel group) reflect to their past, they sing “These are the days of our lives”.

The lines also are wittingly humorous. It teases the reality of today’s world. For example, it tells how the music is now produced by Computerized Rendered Artist Program, cleverly abbreviated as CRAP :). Well, not much different with today’s music standard 🙂 . They also has a character, a big bulge guy, who claimed himself as the meanest rock star ever…. only with name of “Victoria Beckham”. 😛

The best part of the show is the ending. Finally, when the Bohemians successfully defeat the dominance of GlobalSoft, they sang “We Will Rock You” as the final anthem (and obviously, with all of the audience are in groove). Then, all of the actors and actress appeared on the stage and wave good bye, as if they finished the show. Then the light was out. The stage turned into total darkness. When some part of audience were wondering whether the show was over and when some others were left stunned why no “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the show, the big screen suddenly lit up with a provoking question:

“Do you want to hear Bohemian Rhapsody?”

I swear to God, I screamed out loud, “YEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!!”.

“All right then…”, then the show performed its encore, playing Queen’s master-piece in most glorious manner.

What an ending. What a show. A very entertaining show throughout. For me, it’s money well spent. Now, I want to go to another opera, with or without rock music. 🙂

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