Wayang Reimagined Exhibition: Priceless Moment

Rafif presented his artwork to Minister of Edication and Culture, Mr. Muhadjir Effendy
Finally the D-Day! Rafif will have his “Wayang Reimagined” exhibition. The day when he show the world the glimpse of talent he has in character design. And I took a day leave for this. 

MasterCard says there’s something money can’t buy. One of them is to see the beaming face from my son boy knowing his works are well appreciated by everybody coming to the event today, including the Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy himself.

Another one is to witness how proud his grandparents to see their offspring’s join their mission to preserve this great legacy of our nation.

The proud grand parents with Rafif and Mr Muhadjir Effendy

To cap it off, to have my brother, sister and cute niece Maryam came to show their support and affection was a great, great pleasure. Thank you so much, love you all! 😘😘 

The boy, still nervous before the Minister came, in front of his exhibition stand
This is Arjuna cut-out figure. Behind him, there are descriptions of five Pandawa characters, reimagined by Rafif
I hope someday when the world knows you for your talent, you would look at this moment as one of the day that set it off. Aamiin
The full look of exhibition stand. Complete with Rafif’s profile video, which the whole family created for one weekend. Well done!
Rafif explained his works to fellow animators from one university
Take picture with the Minister before he left the venue
The boy with some of working-in-progress works. You know, I myself, astounded with his works!
Explaining to Solo Art Institute Head Master
Explain the process to Mr. Muhadjir
His grand mother come as well to give him full support
And finally, Pakde Oyi and Bude Wiwik, together with Maryam, came to the exhibition. Thanks a lot brother and sister!
Me and my sibblings with Rafif. Alhamdulillah for the successful event


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