Kopi Kota Tua: Perfect Blend of Legacy

There’s something more that I found on this morning’s bicycle ride, other than Rafif’s eagerness on cycling: a nice cafe in the corner of Kota Tua (Jakarta Old Town).

Aptly named as “Kopi Kota Tua”, the coffee place is located on the pedestrian alley leading to Kota Tua plaza. The store has two floors and is set up in old industrial look, with brick and wooden chairs.

I ordered single origin Mandailing, which was served in french press method. The coffee taste strong although it doesn’t give you bitter after taste. We also had Kaya toast which complemented the strong coffee with its sweet taste.

The Kaya and french press coffee (oh, and Darth Vader)

This is my first time visiting Kota Tua after 6 years or so, and I see how Jakarta region had done great things to revitalize this unique corner of city. From my observation, there will be many more nice cafes and restaurants established here. With this development, the legacy of Kota Tua would be preserved, perfectly blended with modern lifestyle.


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