Now and Then: HK 2018 and 2009

It’s fun to see how things have changed so much (e.g. my kids!) and how things stayed the same (e.g. places where we took pictures) by comparing our recent photos in HK to the ones we took in 2009… it’s a blessing to be able to repeat these wonderful moments.

Miss our family holiday already! 😔😔

Look at the difference of my kids: from toddlers to teens… how time flies.

What an engaged employee… I always love taking picture in front HQ 😄. Left was in front of CKC building, HQ of my employer that time, ABN AMRO. While on the right was in front of HSBC HQ 😄

And we keep on coming back to the same toy store at Wanchai! And Rafif Satrio Mulyaputra has always been Gundam’s fans ever since he was still in elementary school 😁

But my favorite model will always be the same… ❤️😍😘


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