Palm Pre Hands-On Review

This article is a review of Palm Pre, latest smartphone from Palm, from a customer first hands-on perspective.

Palm Pre and Palm webOS: Palm’s Stunning Move

In a move that is very unexpected by gadgets and mobile technology enthusiasts, Palm announced its latest effort to keep survive in highly competitive mobile phone world. In the world which is dominated by iPhone and Blackberry for the past 2 years, Palm’s last effort: Palm Pre in and the new operating system called Palm…

iPhone: Return on the Zen?

Many of my friends asked me, why do I stick with my ugly-antenna-sported of Treo? Well, among other things (e.g. full QWERTY keyboards which allow me to write this entry on my car), my Treo is very simple and intuitive to use. This way is known by many gadget enthusiast as “The zen of Palm”….

My Digital Life: Updated

Put off away for a minute for the World Cup 2006 coverage. Just would like to share the ‘high’ and ‘low’ of my digital life the last one week: The High: I’m halfway to fulfill my gadget wishlist! During my trip to Singapore last week, I bought myself a long-awaited Treo 650. Well, for those…