An Insightful Korea DMZ Tour

Family Picture in Dora Observatory. Look at that Unification spirit written at the back. Somehow, now the hope is a bit distant again

As he only found few things that interested him during this family holiday trip to Korea, Rafif suggested us to book a tour to DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). It turned out to be a very insightful tour, which made us know a lot more about “love and hate relationship” between South Korea and North Korea. The guide shared many interesting tidbits about Korea history, Korean War, and its now halted unification effort. A very well spent half day tour, in my opinion. Here are some pictures from the tour:

At Imjingak Lookout. At the back is the Unification Bridge, DMZ Zone and North Korea border
Rafif in front of the 3rd Tunnel, a tunnel built by North Korean army to infiltrate to south

Elok is looking over North Korea land from Dora Observatory
North Korea seen from Dora Observatory. Kaesong, the closest city of North Korea, is seen at the distant right
In front of now defunct Dorasan Station, which used to serve Seoul-Pyeongyang route. A symbol of hope for unification, which is currently seem to be a distant, following series of conflicts for the past few years.

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