Cheonggyecheon: An Inspiration for Jakarta

The beautiful stream of Cheongyecheon

I read about this place far long before our trip to Seoul. Learning from internet that the place enjoys successful transformation from a dirty sewerage river to a modern, clean and happening public park (or track) in Seoul.

So it’s my pleasure to finally visit the place and took some pictures in the area. It is a really cool place to chill out after a hectic day work for Seoul citizens. Jakarta really needs something like this. I believe if we let Ahok works, he’ll turn Ciliwung to be something like this someday. Amen.

We find it very relaxing to stroll by the river

With the man-made waterfall along the stream.
You can find artists and performers along the stream
The surrounding is lit up at night, creating cozy ambience. Many cafes and restaurants around, which make this place popular for the young citizens to chill out after hectic day

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