It’s So Good to be Back in Our Own House!

Tabby enjoys watching sunrise from my room
It’s so good to be back in our own house. We spent whole day moving back our stuffs from our rented house (which luckily is located just across the road). By maghrib, we already had ifhtar at our own house, despite still surrounded with boxes of stuffs which we had no place to put. Sigh, but that needs few more months to complete the interior design works so our house will be looked beautiful inside as in the outside!

The drums and guitars are now in their proper location: music room

The sofa was full of dust it needs a proper cleaning, as it was left out for six months
Rafif already feels at home with his ‘new’ room, arranging his toys collections inside
And I miss to feed the kois!
The service area is fully functional
The living room needs lot of interior design works
Morning view from the rooftop. Alhamdulillah beautiful morning.

The final facade of our renovated house


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