Moving Back Day 1

Rafif’s room with the IKEA furniture set and his wallpaper of choice – wooden plates 🙄
After 6 months of renovation, this weekend we will be moving back to our own house. Alhamdulillah, everything is almost set, the basic infrastructure – air condition, water supplies and window covers have been installed. However, the internet lines are not yet ready (how can we live without it? LOL)

Some of the rooms are new and refreshed. Aya and Rafif’s room have their new set of furnitures (yes, that IKEA confusing trip did give us something). And more excitingly, there are new library and music rooms for Elok and me, respectively.

Next will be the interior design works for the new living rooms which will take a bit sometime (and extra money too!). 

To be continued…..

Aya’s chic and refreshed room

The dining room, still look the same
The bigger living room at first floor. Interior design still need lot of works!
Re-installing the TV rack at my room
Pardon the garbages, this will be Elok’s favourite corner – her library
My music room – where my adrenaline rushes! \m/

Refreshed bath room, because we had to change all the pipings, that’s why 😅


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