Aya’s Graduation: Cikal Moving On Ceremony Class of 2017

I can hardly believe seeing her on the stage today. A chubby baby no more, she has grown up to be a beautiful young lady, ready to move on to next chapter of life: college.

Today is the Moving On Ceremony, marking her graduation from SMA Cikal Amri. May Allah bless her and her friends to embrace brighter future for them. Aamiin.

Here are the story and pictures from the event:

Coming up to the stage
Big hug from Ms. Widi who guided and mentored them for the past 2 years
Take picture after receiving the certificate with the Principals and Teachers

Class of 2017 with Mr. Corey, used to be their home room and favorite teacher
Her face on the screen
Cheer up with her friends after receiving the certificate
Yeay we did it!
The girls of Class 2017
With her proud mom
The proud (and weeping) Mom and Dad
Aya with her best friends, before releasing their baloons of hope
With her mom before the baloon releasing ceremony
Aya representing her class to plant legacy tree from Class 2017
Before planting the tree
Witnessing the tree planting
Beringin Dollar Tree – Aya’s Class Legacy for Cikal
The girls on photo booth
Among her friends
The students of Economics class with Ms. Christy
Message in the bottle for Aya…
…which made her weep.. (to be fair, we did too)
The beautiful graduate 🙂
With Mr. Corey, who played big part in shaping Aya, especially during her first difficult months in Cikal
With Ms. Widi, the IB Diploma program coordinator
Here we are, complete picture of our family with the graduate girl!

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