Trying Out Antasari Flyover CFD

Finally today we got chance to try out Car Free Day (CFD) over Antasari Flyover. We know it opens every two weeks, but somehow our ride schedule never matched.

So when this morning I read from TMC Polda Metro Jaya tweet that it’s opened for CFD, without hesitation I and Rafif headed to Antasari.

The ride to Sudirman CFD area was easy and breezy. Because mainly it’s flat or even downhill. There were not many people at the time we started, so we took the opportunity to take some pictures in the empty road.

Rafif also used the time to do his hobby while we’re doing CFD ride: toys photography…

Arriving at Sudirman, we don’t feel like going to HI run about as usual, as it is very crowded. So we decided to detour to GBK, and did couple of spin to the big stadium ring. Alas, it is also crowded. But it’s okay, it’s fun to see people with different background had fun together in healthy exercise.

Rafif, again, do his toys photography hobby while I’m completing my extra laps circling the GBK.

Finally at 08.30 we decided to go home, as we want to make use the Antasari Flyover again. And thank God, we didn’t maximize our exercise around GBK, as the trip going back to Cipete was harder. It was hilly and we rode against the wind. I had to stop couple of times to catch my breath.

Finally we arrived at Cipete. But since Rafif had not his breakfast, we stopped for late breakfast at Dua Coffee place, Cipete. This concluded our 30km ride today, which might be the last ride before Ramadhan. But worry not, we’ll be back! Insya Allah!


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