Support for the Exhibition

My big brother and sister’s family came to Galeri Hadiprana earlier today, to see Rafif’s art exhibition and listen to the explanation first hand from the artist.

Rafif is explaining his “Within the Shrine” painting

It seems they came home impressed with the amount of efforts and deep thoughts from his artwork.

Her auntie, Monica wrote this on the Facebook:

I marvel at his deep and profound thoughts, and I am absolutely amazed that this young man could explain the meaning of each piece so eloquently. I can see his passion, and his love, towards art. I pray that he will get to the college of his dream, and achieve success in his chosen field. Love and proud of you, Rafif!

Thanks so much for coming and give your support Pakde Oyi, Bude Utami, Pakde Barry, Bude Monica, Fea and Ezra! It means a lot.

Having lunch together after exhibition
Rafif and his persona, with Fea and Ezra
The exhibition corner
With fellow Visual Art class friends from Y12 and Y11

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