Coldplay Bangkok Concert Experience

The stage from our seating position. Provide great bird eye view of a beautiful concert
When Coldplay planned to come to Asia for their “Head Full of Dreams” World Tour, I immediately thought of going to their concert with Elok. Well, I can say Coldplay is one of few intersections from our vastly different musical interests, so this would be a perfect concert for us going together. Alas, the concerts tickets at Singapore, the closest venue from Jakarta, were sold out in hours, and we were left disappointed.

But to our much pleasant surprise, couple of days later, one of Elok’s friend informed us that there are still tickets available on their concert in Bangkok. So without hesitation, we bought our tickets and arrange the trip there!

Me, Elok and our fellow concert goers

So finally here we are, ready to see what Chris Martin and co has to offer.
The concert place is held at Rajamangala Stadium, located in Ramkhamhaeng area, an outskirt of Bangkok. It’s quite big stadium, probably with 50,000 seating capacity. With the option of festival standing and seating tickets, we intentionally picked the seating ticket, considering: (1) we’re not young anymore; (2) Elok’s petite form may be disadvantage down there; (3) ticket price. LOL.

The look of stadium before the concert
The queue to enter the stadium. It’s well organized
But apparently it was right decision for us. From top of the stadium, we can have the almost bird-eye view of the giant stage(s) and the beautiful ambience created in the concert with the illuminating bracelets provided to all audiences. 
The magic bracelet and amazing view it created

It is the first time for me to go to concert with this kind of new technology (well, Metal concerts where I usually go don’t really care about perks). It’s a centrally controlled electronic device, which will illuminates or blinks in various colors and frequency, depending on the song.

Looking great, isn’t it?

On the second song of Coldplay’s set list last night, “Yellow”, this device illuminates a bright yellow light. Set the tone what to expect throughout the concert. Yellow lights ate seen throughout the stadium as result of thousands bracelets. Amazing view to see, especially from the top of stadium.
Presentation wise, last night’s concert was probably the best I’ve seen. Aside from those magical bracelets, Coldplay also set basically 3 stages for them to perform. The main A-stage at the back, the circular B-stage which is located at the center of front section of standing area, and finally the small C-stage at the back section of standing area. These three stages allow audiences to see the band from different angles, different set-up, and for some, closer proximity.

The giant screen which is now standard for any international concert, displayed attractive live footages and digital clips. It made lots of difference seing your national flag displayed at the giant screen, cue big roars from the whole stadium. Well done, Coldplay.

The couple, going to rare concert together

There are 22 songs performed last night, with almost similar set list to the Singapore concert. The only exception I noticed was “Magic” replacing “Princess of China”, which is good, as the former is more familiar to me than the latter. But I think, in overall it was a good set list, which satisfied most fans. 

In my opinion, “Fix You” was the best on the night. The whole ambience created by the lights were just perfect and fit the mood of the song. Especially when it reaches the crescendo part. Chris Martin couldn’t sing it more perfectly. 

The whole stadium were then on their feet when the famous intro of “Viva La Vida” was played, including me and Elok. And just before that arguably most famous song from Coldplay ended, Jonny Buckland played that tingling tones of “Adventure of Lifetime”, which was immediately greeted by chorus of approval from the crowd. The dancing continues…

After 2 hours of continuous delivery of great music, the concert had to come to an end, capped with their newest hit “Something Just Like This”, and “Up & Up”. 

In overall, it was a satisfying night. It’s probably the best concert I’ve ever seen. The presentation, musical quality and organization of event, they were top notch. I couldn’t find anything to complain (except probably the issue some ticket holders couldn’t find their seat number at the stadium. But then, that’s not my problem ☺). Although the feeling of delirium and adrenaline was not as high as to other “head banging” concerts I normally went to, but the feeling of holding my wife’s hand during the concert certainly made up for that 😘

Happy faces after the concert

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