Rainy Days Futsal

Even though it was raining hard this morning, our FE UGM futsal community played the first futsal game in 2012. Albeit a bit rusty and got tired a bit too fash due to lack match practice, I scored 3 ‘screamers’ in a quite entertaining game. Not bad! Happy.

Last Futsal Game in 2011

For the last time in 2011, our FE UGM futsal group had the last game today in Pro Arena Futsal Pondok Indah. Combining fun game with good deal of laughter, the futsal game never fail to refresh my body and mind embracing the new week. Well, especially if you scored many goals 🙂

Futsal FE UGM 10 July 2011

Participants of FE UGM futsal session posed on the pitch before second session begun. We try to make this futsal session is done every month, a good way to keep in touch with each other, throwing old jokes and banters.

>Futsal FE UGM 92

> Alumni FE UGM 92 menggelar futsal sebagai sarana silahturahmi sekaligus menyehatkan badan. Rafif also enjoy playing with the big guys.