Playstation Network is Screwed

For the past three days, users all around the world (including me) could not log in to Playstation Network. Official Sony rep said that the network is currently undergo maintenance, and it is expected to last for “couple of days”.

Many versions came up in internet why this is happening, one source said this was due to Sony preparation for their big MMO game launch on PSN. Many others said PSN was hacked as retaliation to Sony because of their “war” to jailbreak community. In any case, Sony is screwed. Big time.

3 thoughts on “Playstation Network is Screwed

  1. With the announcement that Sony’s PlayStation has fallen victim to a serious hacking incident, leaving users vulnerable to ID theft, some may wonder just how many customer databases elsewhere have been compromised in recent years? The results of a very ‘quick and dirty’ trawl through certain internet news portals, looking for examples of database hacking, makes for unsettling reading – it looks like this is really nothing new!!!

    So I’ve compiled an list of similar database hacks over the past decade at my blog:

    Hope this is helpful in some way.

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