Aya Graduation from SMP Cikal

Aya received her graduation certificate from Cikal's School Directors and Head of School

I still vividly remember three years ago when Aya first entered Cikal Middle School. On the first and second day, she hardly enjoyed it, felt unwelcome and came back home crying.

Fast forward, three years later. Look at her now.

Today on her graduation day from SMP Cikal, she turns into beautiful teen, accomplished student, happily singing and dancing with her friends, celebrating important milestone of their life, which they will treasure forever.

Spread your wings my girl. We are so proud of you.

The beautiful graduate with her (also) beautiful Mom

Year 9 Students performance at the graduation day
The proud parents and the happy graduates
Aya and her Year 9 girls wowed the crowd with their sing & dance performance. You go girl!

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