The Incredible Totem from Cirque du Soleil


The Final Act: featuring all performers


During our visit to Singapore this weekend, I and Elok took the chance to see Totem, the newest show from the famous Cirque du Soleil (more photos and story below)

The show was held in Marina Bayfront area, Singapore. It was shown under large circus tent until 12 December 2015. The admission price was a bit pricey, but what a show we had last night.

I and Elok in front of the big tent before the show


The Snacks and Drinks Stall inside the tent. Pricey! $6 for mineral water. Blimey 🙂

Watching this circus is like riding a roller coaster. When they show the thrilling gymnastic or circus skills, you’re glued to your seats, watching nervously, hoping it will end fine. When it did, you just relieved and excited to experience it again. That’s how we felt last night. In some of the acts, you just wished it finished soon, as you couldn’t bear to see them failed and fell down to the floor (and possibly sustained major injuries as they performed dangerous stunts!)

The One Wheelie Show , one of the thrilling show you hope to quickly end, as you couldn’t bear watching them fail!


The First Act: give you a teaser of what was about to happen!

In overall, the show was awesome. Magnificent. It was a 2-hours show with 30 minutes interval in middle of the show. The performers, lightings, sounds were superb. They also inserted some digital projections technique, which was combined with the actual real-life performance. Splendid and clever use of technology. In the end, we left the scene feeling happy, entertained and awestruck. A very recommended show for family!


Happy faces after the show


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