Citra Rasa Iwak Manuk Pak No: Your Unusual Semarang Delicacies


The menu. No chicken nor duck 🙂

This is quite unusual dish, but trust me, it’s really really good. Serving fried grouse (burung belibis), rather a fried chicken or duck, you’ll get tender, marinated meat with white rice and extra-hot sambal (chili). 

Elok and Aya entering the restaurant

The dishes. With cold Teh Botol to complement the delicious dish

The food place is located at ex garage in Jalan Sawojajar 1, and very modest in appearance, nothing fancy. But the Central Java Governor and Major of Semarang  had tried this place, which is now gaining its popularity among culinarists who visit Semarang. And the food is unique, and real deal. Another great food spot found. (Thanks to my cousin, Donny, who referred this place)

Modest place, but nothing short on the taste side

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