Singapore Night Festival

Cool Flying Dinosaur at the Final Act

Saw the event information on our plane magazine, we decided to take a look at Singapore Night Festival, held in the area of National Musem of Singapore. Came there a bit early, we used time to take a look around at the museum, which currently is exhibiting the “History of Singapore”. It was a really nice, engaging, interactive and full of information about how Singapore was built, from the day it was mainly a Chinese traders’ island, to become a famous garden city of the world. The way they presented the information was really creative. Take a look some of my photos below.

1975-1985 Period of growth exhibition. I remember my Dad went to Singapore and took lots of photos of amazing country
Drive-in Theatre showing Singapore process to be garden city
One of the nice display

In the evening, start from 7.30 pm, the shows around musem began to start. Starting from the “Stick Man”, which is a neon lights resemble a strawmen flying and jumping in formation. Just nice.

Then we also visited the 4-minutes “Light Ink Painting”, whereby a dynamic tattoo was projected into a man’s body. Kinda cool, left me wondering whether there will be such dynamic tattoo will present in future.

Spectators littered on the streets

Then finally, the main event of the night was “Invasion”, an opera in an open field, featuring bunch of french artists displaying story of classic war between good and evil. It’s just they creatively created dinosaurs and hunters characters, walking on the sticks, and looked really alive. The final act features a flying dinosaur, tied to a crane, showcasing dramatic performance. Not a bad entertainment tonight!


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