EA Sports’ FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa: Why You Need to Get This Game

World Cup 2010 South Africa is less than one month away. And as what have been a ritual for EA Sports for the past 16 years (I remember they launched the first World Cup game in USA 1994), they launch the worlds biggest tournament game last month. Sold in full retail price (US$60, in Indonesia it cost me IDR500 thousands), it doesn’t seem as a worthy buying, as it only features national teams with zero club teams and less game modes. But believe me, this game is a must have for football gamers. Why?

  • The gameplay is improved. This is practically FIFA 10.5. While it was based on the same game, there are many improvements of the series. They fixed the goalkeeper onrushing bad habbit. The build up play feels more solid, flowing and faster. The players seem to add some more weight, makes it more solid to control. The penalty kick method is revamped, becoming more challenging and tense (a perfect method adjusting to the atmosphere of World Cup).
  • Players Likeness Going PES Style. PES 2010 surprised everyone by edging FIFA 10 in terms of player likeness. This time around, FIFA is trying to close the gap. They improve the player likeness so it almost match the PES level of details and authenticity. It may not be as good as PES, but at least Lampard now looks like Frank Lampard than Frank Zombie.
Wayne Rooney and Aaron Lennon looks more like their real-life counterpart this time around.
Wayne Rooney and Aaron Lennon looks more like their real-life counterpart this time around.
  • It recreates World Cup Atmosphere Quite Brilliantly. FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa delivers one of the best sound in game that I’ve experienced. The crowd chants, the national anthem and the buzzing stadium noises are second to none. It does give you feeling that this is a MAJOR CUP, a BIGGEST TOURNAMENT in the world. And the commentary by Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend come with enough punch and emotions to recreate such atmosphere. Brilliant.
  • The Online Game Mode is Awesome. When I play “Cup Mode” in previous football gams, I was used to challenge myself to restart the cup all over again if I was knocked out in progress (yes, that means playing every single group stage match before the knockout stage). By doing this, I was able to put some more tension in playing each match, because the stake of losing is quite ‘severe’. I am pleasantly suprised to learn that EA Sports have incorporated this way of playing in their Online game mode. You will pick one team and you will be matched up with players around the world who will pick another team. You will start at group stage match, and somehow you will have people online competing you to go through to the knockout phase. In each match, you wont be able to replay the match you have lost. If you, for some reason, left or disconnected from the match, rest assured you will be considered as “lost”. And also, if you are knocked out from tournament in the knock-out stage, there is only one way to go: restart the cup mode all over again. This mode was featured brilliantly, and thanks to the large number of people playing this game online, you’re rarely short of opponents. I find this is a major sellingpoint of this game.
  • Indonesia Team is here!. Well you know, I may not have chance to see my country’s lousy football team (PSSI – Indonesia) to be in the World Cup Final. This game is the best chance I got to take them there. So Bambang Pamungkas, let’s go!

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  1. Are you sure Indonesia is there?? Also Indonesian here. God, when will they get rid off Nurdin Halid?

  2. ibenimages says:

    Hello, yes there is PSSI! Complete with Bambang Pamungkas, Budi Sudarsono and all of them! What platfrom do you play? I’m playing on PS3, tried the online game, and was over the moon to beat Spanish guy using Spain with this Nurdin Halid’s crappy team! 🙂

    Well at least, that’s our only realistic chance in this world.

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