Our Second Visit in Amsterdam

In front of Van Gogh Museum, which we failed to enter 🙂

It’s our second visit to Amsterdam, a city which we have been quite familiar with. We actually planned to visit Van Gogh Museum in the morning, the place which we have not visited on our first trip. Alas, the holiday season made it difficult to get the ticket. We saw long queue to enter the museum, so we decided to take pictures in front of the museum instead. Maybe next time, Meneer Van Gogh 🙂

We found this big field in front of Van Gogh Museum to be really Dutch-like, so we decided to take the family picture here as well 🙂

In the evening, we booked a Canal Cruise tour, a popular tourist activity which we have not done as well. It is the time for “Amsterdam Light Festival”, so while we were cruising the canal, we got the chance to see various interesting lights project by artists from around the world. 

Start of our Canal Cruise Tour, in front of Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam
Inside the Canal Cruise Boat
Me and Rafif inside the Boat
In the next morning, before we headed to Airport, I and Rafif managed to take a walk to a park next to our hotel. It was named as Vondelpark, which I just found out later that the serene park is rated as #4 Top Attractions in Amsterdam in Trip Advisor. No wonder, I and Rafif enjoyed the park so much! It was nice good walk in the morning!

Leaving Indonesia’s memento at the park
In front of serene lake
Enjoying morning sun rays in this beautiful park
Thank you Vondelpark!

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