Serene Dusk at Labuan Bajo Port

I and Rafif could sit here for hours…

We stay at Labuan Bajo for a night before heading to the surrounding islands. Labuan Bajo is such a nice little port town, where everybody seems to have fun, be nice and welcome strangers. At least that’s what I and Rafif felt while visiting Labuan Bajo harbor this evening.

The ambience is so serene. With sunset at the backdrop, fishermen and tourists came back from the sea and dock their colorful ships at the port.

‘Welcome to Labuan Bajo’ seems like mantra to all locals here greeting their visitors
Tourists and fishermen back from the ocean

While small kids playing with their friends and offer warm and big smiles to us.

I and Rafif literally could sit down and savour the moment, watching the people busy with their activities here. Lovely. I fell in love already with this place. And we haven’t gone to ocean yet 🙂

Cute little girl posed for my camera 😊
Thanks Rafif for taking my rare selfie
Everyone seems to be connected these days
Rafif was captivated with his surrounding
Colorful boats docked at the port
The back of local boats
Beautiful sunset at Labuan Bajo


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