Lunch and “Ngopi Ndeso” at Kopi Klothok

Elok in front of the “Ndeso” kitchen
Since “ndeso” become trending topic in Indonesia these days, we visited Kopi Klothok, a javanese-traditional-village-setting restaurant at Pakem, Jogja. 

This restaurant now is very popular for tourists in Jogja. The ambience created is to simulate the traditional house of javanese villagers (ndeso!), where the kitchen (which normally have black walls due to ashes) is integrated with the dining place. 

Us, seating in “amben”, a traditional wooden bench for Javanese villagers to sleep at home
Rafif and Elok self service for their food at the kitchen

When I was a college student in Jogja, I have a favorite eating place called “Bu RT” (because it is owned by our Head of Neigborhood – commonly called as RT in Indonesia). It is exactly like this. The kitchen, the house and the menus are very similar. Today for nostalgia sake, I took white rice, clear soup, fried chicken and fried egg, which tastes really nice and almost the same as Bu RT. 
You can self serve to get the food
The dining hall in traditional Javanese wooden house
Then, at the end, we ordered the famous ‘Kopi Klothok’ (Javanese black coffee) and fried banana. The fried banana is excellent,however the coffee is too sweet for my liking. But overall, very satisfying lunch. Just try to avoid weekend lunch time, as it will be very hard to look for seats and you have to queue quite long. 
Cap it off with fried banana and kopi klothok

During lunch time, the place inside sometimes can’t house the guests, so they have to sit outside restaurant
Bonus No 1: Meeting old friend, Imam, who I haven’t met since elementary school
Bonus no 2: meeting old friend from campus, Ison and Nuke


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