Back to Hung Hing Toys!

This small toys store near Johnston Road at Wanchai always become my favorite destination whenever I come to Hong Kong. It has one of the most complete toys collection in town. But what attracted me since 2008 was they sell with relatively much cheaper price than in Indonesia. It’s not uncommon for Rafif to find his Gundam’s target at almost half price than back home. No wonder he is like a kid in candy store!

Look at their floor to ceiling toy rack!

Don’t be mistaken with the place among HK street market, but for toys collector, it won’t disappoint.

How to get there: use MTR to Wanchai, and take exit A3. Walk straight towards Johnson Road, and you will see across the road, there’s a small street full with street market vendors just beside KFC. Go walk inside this street and you’ll find this sign:

Or follow this Google Map location:

Hung Hing Toys

Hong Kong, Wan Chai, 太原街17-19

+852 2891 4739

Get inside, and empty your wallet! Hahahah 😅

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