Car Free Day in Semanggi and GBK

Back to our Sunday’s cycling schedule, back to Car Free Day (CFD) area! But today we rode to the places we haven’t visited last time: the new Semanggi Flyover and the recently renovated Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) stadium.

Leaving home around 5.45, we arrived at CFD around 6.15. The southern part of Sudirman street was not too crowded, so we had quite good ride with hundred of runners.

Of course we stopped for a usual photography of our bikes ☺️

Then we continued to ride below the old Semanggi Bridge before climbing to the new Semanggi bridge, which is a great place for photo spots. I tried to fly Pelican, but I don’t know why my new iPhone X refused to connect with the drone. Lucky I brought GoPro which can capture the great view from top of the bridge.

Rafif also found the spot very interesting, as he was busy doing toys photography for his Instagram account. Yeah, we’re both cyclists and Instagram artists 😬

Then we continued our ride to Hotel Indonesia runabout. But when we came down from the bridge, we met my office colleagues who came to CFD for photo hunting. Such a pleasant surprise! So we took pictures together and also asked them to take a pic of me and Rafif riding the bike. Thanks guys!

Later we realized HI runabout is so jam-packed with people. We decided not to go there, made a U-turn, and went straight to GBK instead.

Shortly after, we arrived at GBK. The big stadium is currently being renovated for the upcoming Asian Games 2018 this year. And boy, it hasn’t been finished, but I and Rafif are already impressed with the current progress and the look of the legendary stadium. We took a spin around the complex and took pictures with inside the beautiful sport complex.

After spending quite bit sometime in GBK, we’re ready to continue our ride to look for nearest restaurant, as we have not had a breakfast. But alas, a minute after we left GBK complex, Rafif’s bike pedal fell off, and we didn’t have wrench to put it back to work. So our ride this morning ended prematurely. Fortunately, ours are folding bikes. So we decided to call Uber and ride the car back home. Nonetheless, it’s still a nice CFD ride, and we’re both looking forward for our next ride!


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