World Cup Tickets Secured!

Such a pleasant surprise this morning to find the email from FIFA World Cup Ticketing Centre, informing that through Random Selection Draw Period, 4 tickets have been allocated for me for the World Cup 2018 in Russia! Yeay!

In January they informed that the bid for tickets was over-subscribed, hence not everybody would get a ticket.

Although the four tickets I won are rather “consolation match” for 3rd place, but I’m still overjoyed because:

  1. By securing these tickets, we will be entitled for free visa to Russia;
  2. we will also be provided free public transportation while we’re there;
  3. the likelihood of the match involving big teams (England? 😂);
  4. Insya Allah this will tick another life bucket list: watching a World Cup match; and…
  5. it’s held in St. Petersburg, a beautiful city which is a must-visit for us in Russia! (To be honest, Elok prefers to watch the famous ballet there than any football match! 😅)

There is still another 4.5 months before the World Cup kicks off in July. And there will still be several ticket sales period. Hopefully I will also be lucky enough to secure another tickets for quarter-final, semi-final in other cities, or even Final match in Moscow! Insya Allah aamiin.


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